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Cbd Gummies

Cbd Gummies

CBD gummies are popular these days. Children and teens who take CBD supplements for a wide range of ailments, including epilepsy and social anxiety, love them! Of course, buying gummies online can be quite a challenge. Finding a supplier who actually gives what they advertise is hard enough. Many brands of gummies have dozens of complaints and negative reviews, with a slew of unhappy customers claiming that the products were expensive and ineffective at best.

On the other hand, if you are fortunate enough to find a reliable brand of CBD gummies, you can expect the cost to be steep! It gets expensive buying gummies each month, especially when you buy gummies from quality brands. One way around this is to do it yourself. DIY CBD gummies are fun to make, and they are usually delicious because you can make your own flavours, using your own ingredients. Of course, it all starts with the right CBD strains. That's where Homegrown Cannabis Co comes in.

The Best CBD Edibles and CBD Candies Start with the Best CBD Strains

This method is for people who want to create their own gummies, extracting their own CBD, all from scratch. If you want to make your own CBD gummies at home, you need to have a lot of cannabis to get a fair amount of extract, so you can make more than one batch of gummies. The benefits of making your own gummies include knowing that your gummies are truly all-natural. This benefit alone makes the DIY gummies idea worthwhile!

Another benefit of DIY gummies is that you'll enjoy the process. More of us need to be self-sufficient instead of relying on others and relying on companies to provide everything for us. Growing cannabis for CBD, extracting your CBD, and making your gummies is probably a lot easier than you can imagine, and you'll be able to control the quality and ingredients of your gummies by doing it yourself. Check out our CBD seed strains today to find the best CBD weed for your CBD gummies

How to Make CBD Gummy Candies


1 Package (About ½ cup) of gelatin dessert in your choice of flavor.

1 ½ cups of coconut water or fruit juice.

1 Tablespoon of sweetener to taste.

An amount of CBD oil sufficient for your desired dosage.


You'll need coconut water or fruit juice, depending on the flavour you want. Heat in sauce pan over medium heat (not too hot!).

You can add sweeteners like honey or sugar. Whisk it gently in the saucepan until it is dissolved completely. 

Next, add your gelatin when your juice in the saucepan is hot but not yet boiling. Make sure the gelatin is completely dissolved.

Add your CBD oil, powder, or extract and whisk vigorously until it is evenly dispersed in the saucepan.

Once thoroughly mixed, it’s time to get the mixture into molds. You can spoon it in or pour. The easiest way, however, is to use a funnel to pour it into a squeeze bottle, the kind often used for condiments. This makes it easy to fill each mold individually.

Refrigerate your filled molds until they’re set.  


Cbd Gummies

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