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Critical Mass Strain

Critical Mass Strain


The critical mass strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid known to have a high THC ranging from around 19% to 22%. This Indica-dominant strain is generally identified by its large buds. Critical mass is also known to often snap due to the weight of dense buds and is a combination of Skunk #1 and Afghani Indica. The sedating effects are quite high, it is also considered a bedtime stress reliever and works to help ease the stress and treat chronic pain. You could try the critical mass when having a lazy afternoon and just desire some form of relaxation.

Homegrown Cannabis Co. delivers the best marijuana seeds that leave users with a clear and creative mind. We boast of an unrivaled selection of highest THC seeds with the strongest strains, you are in for the best homegrown cannabis experience with our many marijuana seeds such as the critical mass strain.

What cannabis services do we offer?

Homegrown Cannabis Co. not only offers you the finished product such as the critical mass strain but also self-cultivated weed seeds. Self-cultivated weeds taste different, the feeling is unmatched and this we want all our customers to enjoy. Your growing adventure just got the perfect start with us in the picture.

We also understand that there are different levels of cannabis cultivators (from beginners to seasoned cultivators), we cater for all your needs and offer great choices for both therapeutic and recreational use. You never have to worry if you're new to cannabis cultivation because, at Homegrown Cannabis Co., we help you every step of the way. New cannabis cultivators need not worry because we at Homegrown Cannabis Co. help you achieve your dream of becoming a fast-growing cannabis breeder.

What makes us the best choice?

Homegrown Cannabis Co. goes the extra mile to guarantee top-notch customer satisfaction. Do we offer discreet shipment services that come with crush-proof packaging? Our deliveries are swift and in any rare case of a failed delivery, we help reship the items at no extra cost.

We only charge for deliveries under $90, orders above are absolutely free, this helps our customers save and invest more in cultivation.

Homegrown Cannabis Co. guarantees every customer excellent seed germination/cultivation. We have steps in our germination guidelines for our customers to follow and ensure your seeds pop. We go a step further by offering replacement services to help those who may be having challenges with germination from seeds delivered by our team.

Additionally, we offer the best customer support services out there. Our customers can reach out to us twenty-four hours every day. We are always open to listen to your suggestions and challenges as we hope to always serve you better.

You can reach out to us today and let's help you achieve the dream of seamless cannabis cultivation.

At Homegrown Cannabis Co. we give you the option to either smoke your own or cultivate your own, or just do both. The choice is yours to make, we are only here to help you achieve an exciting cannabis experience.

Critical Mass Strain

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