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Do Si Dos

Do Si Dos

Since its release, the Do-Si-Dos has become a favorite among most cannabis strains. With unique flavors and aromas, and its high THC content, it's one of the top-preferred marijuana strains for Indica-dominant hybrids lovers. If you are an enthusiastic grower of these strains, you should know their characteristics and understand the best conditions for a thriving Do Si Dos culture.

Origin of Do-Si-Dos

This is a variety with dominance in Indica in 70% and Sativa 30%. It is the result of combining the famous strains Girl Scouts Cookies and Face Off OG. It tastes different from the Girl Scouts, slightly sweet and menthol, with a strong earthy and Kush background. It has balanced effects, which last longer than average. This is why it is recommended for experienced smokers, as it can be debilitating for beginning consumers.


Weed seeds of this variety produce medium-sized shrubs, whether you grow them indoors or outdoors. Its leaves are deep green, with orange pistils. If the plant grows in low temperatures, its cytokines will be activated, which are pigments that will give you purple touches on the leaves. Its buds are dense and small that adhere to forming small pop-corn like clusters. These buds are covered by a uniform layer of white trichomes that provide the psychoactivity.

Composition & Effects

This variety allows you to enjoy a significant level of THC. The minimum concentration you will obtain is 25%, and an average culture will 27%. In ideal conditions, the plant will reach a maximum of 30% of this cannabinoid. In contrast, it possesses minimal traces of CBD, reaching only 1% in optimal conditions. The Do-Si-Dos gives an extraordinary high, providing great happiness, energy, and creativity when consuming it. You can also experience a little sleep at the end of the effect.


From a medicinal point of view, the buds produced from these marijuana seeds provide an excellent sedative effect, ideal for arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and chronic pain. It is also useful for improving women's health and controlling depression, stress, and anxiety. Its effect on the nervous system enhances the states of ecstasy and fullness of all patients who use it, helping to deal with any medical condition in general.


Planting and growing this variety is medium difficulty. It is a seasonal plant and depends on the periods of light, so it is recommended 18 hours of lighting in the growth phase and 50 to 50% in the pre-flowering and flowering periods. It is better to sow it at the beginning of spring, and you will be able to taste its product in about 8 or 10 weeks. Ideally, you should provide a semi-wet climate, and the plants should have an ambient temperature between 70-80 °F for optimal production.

Are You Ready to Enjoy the Incredible Do Si Dos?

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