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Do Si Dos Strain

Do Si Dos Strain

The Do Si Dos has become one of the favorite cannabis strains for its aroma, taste, and incredible effects. It provides its consumers states of concentration and lucidity with a powerful and calm high, increasing the analytical thought and creativity. If you are enthusiastic about the cannabis culture and you incline for the Indica hybrids, this is the ideal variety for you. To obtain a thriving culture, you must clear all your doubts concerning the do si dos strain and buy the seeds from an elite supplier, as Homegrown Cannabis Co.

Top-7 FAQ About Do Si Dos Strain

  1. What is Do Si Dos Variety?

This is a strain of indica dominance, 70%-30%. It is a hybrid product of the aromatic Girl Scout Cookies and the body-melting Face Off OG. It is a well-balanced variety, ideal for those smokers who love the powerful sensations. That is why novice consumers must use it with prudence. It produces a smooth, long-lasting high, followed by a sense of dreamy, euphoric bliss.

  1. What Aroma Does It Release?

 This variety is not as aromatic, nor does it smell like Girl Scout Cookies. Instead, it produces spicy, sweet, earthy, slightly floral scents. An explosion of slightly fermented flowers generates the latter.

  1. How About the Taste?

The flavor is unique in the industry, getting a smooth, floral undertone from the Face-Off Og terpene mix. It also inherits the explosion of flavors from the Girl Scouts, providing wonderful sweet, floral, and menthol flavors.

  1. What Cannabinoid Concentration Does It Have?

This variety is not for CBD lovers, as it only provides a maximum of 1% concentration. Instead, it is potent in THC, having at least 19% and an average of about 27%. In optimal conditions, the buds will give you an extraordinary 30%, which will make you fly ecstatically.

  1. What Therapeutic Benefits Does It Provide?

One of the medicinal characteristics of this variety is its powerful analgesic effect. This is one of the cannabis strains particularly useful for relieving any temporary or chronic pain, including arthritis, multiple sclerosis, migraines, and lupus. Also, its anti-inflammatory properties help with irritations and vomiting. It is excellent for controlling anxiety, depression, insomnia, and stress.

  1. What is the Appearance of the Plant?

This plant is of medium height, no matter if you grow it indoors or outdoors. The bush forms a beautiful forest, green foliage with leaves of the phenotype characteristic of Indica varieties. Its flowers are bathed in a beautiful mantle of white trichomes. These buds are dense and group together, forming clusters similar to pop-corn.

  1. How to Successfully Grow Do Si Dos?

This is one of the seasonal marijuana strains, which is also photosensitive (its yield depends on the light periods). In the growth phase, the ideal light/dark ratio is 75%/25%, and in the flowering stage, you should gradually bring it to 50%/50%. Concerning temperature, you should try to keep your crop between 70-80 °F.

Besides, you should provide a slightly humid environment and proper irrigation with slightly acidic water (pH 6.5), and you will be enjoying it in about 8-10 weeks. If you want to buy Do Si Dos top-line weed seeds, Homegrown Cannabis Co. has them for you. Enjoy the top beans of the market at the most competitive prices. Shop our amazing marijuana seeds now, or contact us for more information.

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