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Durban Poison Seeds

Durban Poison Seeds

Weed has become an interesting plant for a lot of reasons. Either you want a garden blooming with wonderful smells or wish to attain maximum benefits from all those varieties of the marijuana plant, growing weed plants in your backyard is a reliable option. When you look at the marijuana species, you will see that growing the weed plants is relatively easy. Besides, you won't need any particular resources to cultivate them. One such marijuana plant is the Durban Poison strain. Although it has the word "poison" in it, the plant is completely non-toxic. With its strong and pure origin, the plant is famously used to enhance mood and help you accomplish your day by being energetic and creative.

Facts About Durban Poison Strain

Before you go ahead and buy Durban Poison seeds to be planted in your garden, it is best to know anything and everything about this world-popular marijuana strain. Here some common facts to know about Durban Poison strain:

  • It is a purely South African Sativa Landrace and has been found in the country since the 14th century.

  • The Durban Poison plant has a strong origin, meaning it has 100% genetic makeup, and there is no cross-breeding involved in producing this plant.

  • If you need to experience a mind-soothing effect, this is the best weed plant to go for since it has a high THC content ranging between 15%-25% and a low CBD concentration.

  • Durban Poison strains have also been found useful for cross-breeding and creating new strains.

What Are The Effects Of Durban Poison Strain?

Durban Poison has proven it's worth not just in the recreational field but is equally beneficial in the medical sector. The plant's strains are used to clear the head and give the needed energy for making your day memorable. It produces a crystal-clear head high, improves your mood, increases your focus, and also works for making your body physically ready for any upcoming challenge. Moreover, it also provides relief from stress, depression, pain, fatigue, and migraines. You can relieve all your day-to-day mental issues with a simple dose of Durban Poison strain growing right outside in your garden.

Aroma Of Durban Poison

You will sense a wave of fragrances once the plant flourishes in your garden. It possesses a blend of sweet and spicy smells. Your lawn will smell like oranges, lemons, a scent of fennel combined with a creamy sweetness. FLAVOR OF DURBAN POISON The flavor of Durban Poison corresponds to its rich aroma. The flavors are sweet and complex at the same time. You will feel a taste of sweet lemon candy mixed with spicy anise.

From Where To Get Quality Durban Poison Seeds?

Finding the best quality Durban Poison feminized seeds right at your doorstep is possible by simply contacting the Homegrown Stash. We can provide you with Durban Poison seeds at a reasonable rate and give free shipment for orders above $90. With Homegrown Stash, you can purchase Durban poison marijuana seeds online with ease. We deal in all kinds of marijuana plants. So, either you want to plant a Durban Poison or wish to consider other marijuana strains for your garden, we gave you ample options to choose from.

Shop our amazing marijuana seeds now or contact us directly for further details at 760-313-7455.

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