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Female Cannabis Seeds

Female Cannabis Seeds

Using female cannabis seeds in the planting of marijuana makes the whole process fun and easy, worrying less about dealing with the males during harvest. Therefore, knowing how to feminize seeds comes with a massive benefit as persistent production of female cannabis seeds becomes certain.

We'd be taking a look at how to feminize cannabis seeds with the various methods available to go about it.

Why are seeds feminized?

No cannabis grower would appreciate seeds in their weed, and that's the primary reason they'd be needing seeds that would grow into female plants.

Growers have their minds at rest and can grow marijuana on a large scale, knowing fully well that all their plant is free from pollination by male plants when farming with feminized seeds. Also, it's needed by producers and breeders for business purposes as demand for it keeps rising.

In places where planting cannabis is legal, feminized seeds are the first thing growers look out for. The production of the female plant is in this industry have a great value, simply because female plants produce flowers with high medicinal value. 

How to feminize seeds?

Seed feminization can be done in different ways. Each method is quite different and more efficient than the other, depending on the grower's choice.  

The Silver Thiosulfate Method

The STS method uses a foliar application almost similar to the process Colloidal Silver process. With this method, you can use favourite special phenos and favourite rare clones to produce feminized seeds. Also, this method allows sex reversal with few applications of a mixture of a diluted Silver Nitrate in distilled water mixed with a diluted Sodium Thiosulfate in distilled water. The mixture of both diluted solutions produces the Silver Thiosulfate Solution (STS).

This mixture reverses plant sex when applied and make females produce male stamen and robust and viable pollen. The first application of STS should be applied consistently and evenly over the entire surface of every plant part you intend to reverse when working on pollinating female plants. The plants will eventually get pollinated in seven-eight weeks after applying the STS; it's then ideal to moving into the flowering stage. Ensure that the STS on plants entirely get dry before rolling them in with other female plants into the flower room. After fifteen days into flower, the reversed plants can be moved into a separate dark space during lights off and make a final application of STS. Immediately transfer them back into flower once they get dried.

Colloidal Silver Method

The colloidal silver substance is produced by suspending microscopic particles of silver in distilled water. These silver particles can't be seen with the naked eye. Bottled colloidal silver can be bought from online stores or made at home - an effortless task.

The substance works by handicapping the female cannabis plants' flowering hormones. It eventually makes the male hormone dominates the females and produces male flowers instead. The female plants then automatically become healthy male plants. Other female plants are then pollinated with the pollen from the males to produce female seeds after.

The colloidal silver method ensures persistent production of healthy feminized seeds in really high amount. Cannabis can yield hundreds and even thousands of healthy seeds.

This method is utilized by spraying the colloidal silver on plants' branches every three days before changing to the 12/12 light cycle. Spraying continues until the first male flower comes alive. The more colloidal silver used, the more the production of pollen sacs. The pollen collected from these plants as they mature can be used to pollinate the female to have more female cannabis seeds.

These new batches of feminized seeds can then be used to propagate a new generation of female crops in your plant space.


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