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Female Marijuana Seeds

Female Marijuana Seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds are different from regular seeds. These seeds are produced so that all the plants they create are female. This is an advantage because only female cannabis seeds produce buds. Regular seeds, also known as non-feminized, will produce either male or female plants.

Producing male plants can be beneficial for those interested in breeding or planting seeds. But watching over the plants and throwing out half of them because they are male and non-productive can be a chore. That’s why many breeders choose to only purchase female marijuana seeds. When you choose to purchase your feminized seeds from a legitimate vendor, you can be assured that all your plants will be female and create buds.

The Pros and Cons of Buying Female Marijuana Seeds

There are advantages and disadvantages to only buying female marijuana seeds. Here are some things to remember if you are considering going that route.

The Pros of Female Marijuana Seeds

  • All plants will produce buds
  • There is less wasted space on plants that do not produce buds
  • There is no need to go through and remove all the male plants
  • No chance of pollination without pollen sacs or the risk of seedy buds

The Cons of Female Marijuana Seeds

  • To build up a good breeding program and create new plant strains, you will need to start with regular seeds so that you will end up with both male and female plants.
  • There are mixed gender plants that are often sold by bad breeders. This can cause issues with your crops by creating plants that are half male and half female. That’s why you should always order from a reliable vendor.

How are Female Marijuana Seeds Made?

Female marijuana seeds are made by breeding two female plants together. This causes the resulting product to be female also. The process involves spraying the cannabis flowers with a substance such as colloidal silver or gibberellic acid that changes the flower development. Colloidal silver is recommended since it is usually the most effective. The process forces one of the female plants to produce pollen sacs the same as a male plant.

When you harvest the sacs and use the female pollen to pollinate the buds from another female marijuana plant, the resulting seeds will only contain female genes. Therefore, none of the seeds will be male.

Where to Buy Female Marijuana Seeds

You can purchase female cannabis seeds usually from the same vendors that you buy regular seeds from. There may be some vendors however that only deal with breeding and selling feminized seeds. No matter what type of seeds you purchase, if you are buying seeds online you should only order from an established business. This will help to ensure that you will get the product that you want, and it will be of the highest quality. You don’t want to end up with seeds that create plants that are half male and half female. Therefore, you should always read up on customer reviews when ordering from a website for the first time.

Buying female marijuana seeds can help you to start a successful breeding program that you and your potential customers can benefit from. Taking the time to learn more about the growing process and why feminized seeds are preferred can help you have more success with your crops.

Female Marijuana Seeds

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