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Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

When it comes to growing cannabis, optimizing the yield is an essential step. Want to avoid cultivating cannabis plants only to end up throwing away half of them? Feminized cannabis seeds from HomegrownCannabis Co enable you to maximize your bud production with every yield. 

What are Feminized cannabis seeds?

These are seeds that are bred to ensure all the resulting plants are female only. These seeds have been modified to only grow into female plants, unlike regular seeds which produce both male and female plants. While male plants are beneficial for growers establishing breeding programs, they are costly and take up unnecessary space for the growers looking to maximize their cannabis production.

When it comes to cannabis plants, only the females sprout bud producing flowers. The male plants then pollinate female, resulting in a harvest with half male and half female seeds. At harvest time, all the male seeds are tossed out, and the female seeds used for cannabis production, which is very cost-inefficient for producers. With our seeds every seed sprouts a bud, increasing your cannabis production.

Are feminized seeds better than regular seeds?

If you want to use them purely to produce cannabis, yes they are. Most growers prefer feminized seeds because they produce female plants, and cannabis comes from the dank crystal-covered buds produced by these plants. However, when looking to breed different strains of cannabis, it is better to use regular seeds because they make better mother plants during cloning.

We have both feminized and regular seeds to offer, providing you with premium, high-quality cannabis seeds at the most affordable prices. With a wide variety of cannabis seeds, over 3000 strains, you will find whichever strain you prefer from our selection. Do you want to breed new cannabis strains? Are you looking for rare breeds that other growers don’t have?

You will find all these and more among our selection of seeds.

Advantages of feminized seeds

Feminized seeds come with a lot of benefits for growers. Some of these benefits are:

  • Guaranteeing higher yields- with feminized seeds you can produce 100% female plants which will all produce buds increasing your cannabis yield. Chances of producing male or hermaphrodite plants are also drastically reduced, meaning your yield production will not be compromised.
  • Less effort to cultivate the crops - when working with regular plants, a grower has to manipulate the plants into flowering then separate all the male plants from the female plants. This separation of male plants from the female is done to ensure they do not fertilize the rest of the females resulting in the production of seeds. With feminized seeds, all the resulting plants are male; you, therefore, eliminate the need to go through the plants looking for male ones.
  • Better genetics – in most feminized seeds, the genetics are controlled to modify the best characteristics of the strain.

Are you looking for the best Feminized cannabis seeds in the market? Get in touch with HomegrownCannabis Co today.

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