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Feminized Cannabis Seeds Usa

Feminized Cannabis Seeds Usa

For individuals looking for feminized cannabis seeds in the USA, you will not be disappointed if you shop at the Homegrown Cannabis Co. Here, we maintain a plentiful variety of cannabis seed inventory, and we have many strain seeds that have been feminized for your convenience. We encourage you to check out all of our feminized seeds to make a choice that you will be happy with.

Why Buy Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

Let's face it; most of us who grow cannabis are not serious cannabis breeders. Instead, we grow weed to have an abundant supply for ourselves. For individuals who grow weed for the express purpose of accumulating bud, male plants don't do us any favors. Unless you want seeds in your weed, or unless you want to cross your own strains, you don't need males in your garden. Females cannabis plants are the ones that produce bud.

One of the most frustrating things that cannabis growers encounter when they buy seeds from a seed bank is that they end up with a lot of males. Perhaps you've experienced this yourself. If not, think about it; you buy a bunch of seeds from a seed bank and pay a good price for them. Out of all of the seeds you buy, maybe 80% will germinate. Of the 80% that germinate, maybe 50% will grow to full maturity. Of the 50% that reach full maturity, maybe only 50% will be female. How many seeds would you need at that rate to get a serious return on your investment - to get a decent-sized crop and yield? If you are growing outdoors, you won't even have the option to clone your females.

Feminized Seeds Work

A lot of people wonder if feminized seeds really produce a high rate of female plants. When you do business with a reputable seed bank like the Homegrown Cannabis Co., feminized seeds do return a high ratio of females to males. This isn't always 100% female, but the Homegrown Cannabis Co. guarantees an 85% female ratio. This way, you can end up with more females and more bud, which is what you want.

Check Out Our Auto Feminized Seeds

In addition to our large variety of feminized seeds, the Homegrown Cannabis Co. also provides autoflowering feminized seeds. Autoflowering seeds are seeds that grow into flowering plants without manipulating the light cycle. They are good for growing indoors only, but you can keep them on a 24-hour light cycle their whole lives, and they'll start flowering on their own after 50-60 days. After 90-100 days from the time you plant your autoflowering seeds, they'll be ready to harvest.

Feminized autoflowering seeds make it easy to get budding female plants quickly and effortlessly.

Buy Feminized Seeds Here

If you are looking for feminized cannabis seeds in the USA, then you are in the right place now. Shop and order your seeds to do right here, on our website. We deliver quickly and discreetly.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds Usa

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