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Feminized Marijuana Seeds For Sale

Feminized Marijuana Seeds For Sale

The popularity of feminized seeds is increasing now because they optimize the growing process by producing only female cannabis plants. These are perfect for marijuana smokers, for whom the male plants are of no use. At HomegrownCannabis Co, we offer excellent quality feminized marijuana seeds for sale.

Why you should use feminized seeds for growing

A lot of our customers look for cannabis seeds so that they can grow their own marijuana for smoking. For marijuana smoking, you don’t need the male cannabis plants and only need the female variant for its flowers. Feminized seeds will optimize your growing efforts by ensuring that you grow no male plants from a batch of seeds.

Not only is there no need for male plants, but these can harm your yield by reducing the light, water, and nutrients available to female plants. Hence, by only producing female plants, feminized seeds not only cut down on the space you need for growth but also improve the quality of your marijuana flowers.

Depending on the strain you buy, you sometimes can’t tell if a plant is male or not, to remove them early. You have to let it grow until it starts flowering to find out, and this is just a waste of time and effort.

Should I use feminized or autoflowering seeds for growing marijuana?

Whether you should use feminized or autoflowering seeds depends on why you’re growing marijuana and what your growing conditions are like. If you want a quick harvest or a higher-CBD content, autoflowering seeds are for you. We offer both autoflowering and feminized marijuana seeds for sale on our website.

Unlike feminized seeds, autoflowering seeds don’t need the artificial intervention of growing conditions during the flowering stage. These seeds just grow naturally, and they can grow into either male or female plants, whereas feminized seeds can only grow into female plants.

Hence, feminized seeds are more popular among indoor cultivators who have limited space and can’t afford to grow male plants. They are also better than autoflowering seeds if you’re growing cannabis for the purpose of smoking. Also, with autoflowering seeds, you can only grow one batch of plants, and you’ll need to buy a new batch of seeds if you want to grow more plants later.

How much do cannabis seeds cost?

By now you would’ve noticed that cannabis seeds are far more expensive than seeds for your vegetable garden! Each cannabis seed will, on average, cost about $10 to $15. The exact price will depend on the strain or variety of the cannabis plant.

In our shop, you can buy 710 Diesel Auto Feminized seed for $12, 710 Cheese Auto Feminized for $12 and AK47 Feminized or Regular for $13. Some of the cheaper ones include AK (Feminized or Regular) and Afghani Gold (feminized).

Are you looking for quality feminized marijuana seeds for sale? Visit our HomegrownCannabis Co website to find out the categories and strains we sell. Whether you want high-CBD seeds, autoflowering, feminized or regular seeds, we sell them all.

Feminized Marijuana Seeds For Sale

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