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Feminized Seeds Colorado

Feminized Seeds Colorado

There is an overwhelming choice of cannabis seeds out there for those looking to grow cannabis plants at home. Feminized seeds only give you female cannabis plants with better flowers. If you’re looking for feminized seeds in Colorado, check out our HomegrownCannabis Co website to check the types we sell.

How do you produce feminized seeds?

The cannabis plant is dioecious, meaning that male and female flowers belong to separate plants. Naturally, when the male and female cannabis plants cross-pollinate, you get cannabis seeds (growers sell these as regular seeds), and these can grow into a male or female plant. You can make feminized seeds by manipulating female plants (using chemicals or light) to produce seeds that only carry female genes.

If you don’t want any male plants, you should use feminized seeds instead of regular seeds. With regular seeds, roughly half of the plants they grow into will be male, which reduces the yield of good quality cannabis flowers.

To get feminized seeds, use a colloid silver or silver thiosulfate solution (a mix of water and tiny silver particles) on female plants. Exposure to this solution before flowering will result in the female plant producing ‘male’ flowers. This, in return, will provide feminized seeds after cross-pollination with other female plants. However, the pollen sacs in these male flowers are genetically female because they came from a female plant.

How do I get cannabis seeds?

You can purchase various forms of cannabis seeds online from different sellers. You’ll find seeds from numerous popular strains like Kush, Diesel, Haze, Purple, and Afghan. Sellers will also have different categories of cannabis seeds, such as high-yield, feminized, regular, or those with higher THC or CBD content.

 If you’re looking for feminized seeds in Colorado, check out our website to see our strains and breeders. We accept alternative payment methods like Bitcoin for purchasing our products. You should also check the laws around growing marijuana, as they differ from state to state.

What’s the difference between feminized seeds and autoflowering seeds?

To make feminized seeds, you either need to apply a chemical solution to the plant or disturb the plant’s light cycle, and both of these are artificial processes. To make autoflowering seeds, you don’t need to manipulate the growing conditions of the cannabis plants artificially. These are seeds that are naturally high-yield, and they are better for inexperienced cannabis growers.

The main benefit of autoflowering seeds is that the resulting plants are short and use up fewer resources. So, this is perfect for growers who don’t have a lot of space or excellent growing conditions for cannabis. These seeds germinate and grow into cannabis plants very quickly, and hence you get a faster harvest with autoflowering seeds.

Are you thinking of growing your own cannabis, and looking for a shop that sells all kinds of cannabis seeds? You’ll find multiple types and strains of cannabis seeds at our HomegrownCannabis Co shop. We sell autoflowering and feminized seeds in Colorado.

Feminized Seeds Colorado

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