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Free Cannabis Seeds

Free Cannabis Seeds

Want free cannabis seeds? Become a member of the Homegrown Cannabis Co.! Our loyal customers benefit immensely from our services and products. For example, our loyal customers receive exclusive offers and free seeds regularly, something that other seed bank customers don't have access to. We care about customers, and we appreciate their business. Therefore, we don't mind hooking them with some free seeds every now and again.

Don't Be Tricked by 'Free Weed Seeds' Offers

Make no mistake; nothing in life is truly free! Everything comes at a cost, and so do cannabis seeds. At the Homegrown Cannabis Co., we sell premium cannabis seeds from the best weed strains in the world. We charge reasonable prices, and we get all of our seeds from the best cannabis breeders in North America. We are committed to quality, and that is why our customers choose us.

At the Homegrown Cannabis Co., we have a large selection of premium weed seeds for sale, although we do not have the largest selection in the world. But that's okay! Our goal is to provide unrivaled quality, not quantity. Again, that is what our customers love about us. All of our customers are individuals who care more about quality than anything else.

Our Loyal Customers Come First

You must be a loyal customer to get free seeds from us. This is how it has to be for us to make a profit. Think about it; if we just gave all of our seeds away for free, everyone would sign up for them. However, we would go out of business fast! We give free seeds away for several reasons, but again, these giveaways are always to our loyal customers. They put us first, and we put them first.

Times When We Giveaway Free Cannabis Seeds

These are some of the times when we give away free seeds to our loyal customers:

1) Promotions

The Homegrown Cannabis Co. is always replenishing our inventory. Sometimes, we get new seeds from new strains, and we send a few free seeds to our customers to try and rate for us. This helps us to choose our seed selection better.

2) Special occasions

Sometimes, whether it's around the holidays, or when we just have more seeds than we can sell, we'll give away seeds to our loyal customers.

3) Just to say thanks

It's not uncommon for the Homegrown Cannabis Co. to give a couple of extra free seeds in an order. Let's say someone orders 50 seeds. We might just give them five extra seeds, in addition to the 50 that they paid for, as a way of saying thanks. Of course, we can't always do this, so please don't be disappointed if there are no free seeds in your order. Our ability to give away free seeds depends largely on the kind of seeds that the customer purchases and how many of them we have in stock.

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