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Free Weed Seeds

Free Weed Seeds

Get free weed seeds throughout the year by being a loyal customer of the Homegrown Cannabis Co. Throughout the year, the Homegrown Cannabis Co. has giveaways, promotions, and rewards exclusively for our loyal customers. One of the ways that we say "thank you" to our customers is by periodically doing things to show our appreciation for them. Free seeds are the ultimate way for any seed bank to show appreciation for their loyal customers.

Our Customer Profile

Most of the people who buy cannabis seeds from the Homegrown Cannabis Co. are individuals who care very much about quality. They tend to have great taste, and they expect the best. They expect premium weed seeds with traceable lineage, and that is exactly what we give them. We may not have the largest selection in the world, and we may not have the lowest prices in the world, but we are good for our word, and our seeds are worth every penny that we charge for them.

When Do We Give Away Free Weed Seeds?

It's not uncommon for the Homegrown Cannabis Co. to provide our faithful customers with free seeds when they place their orders. For example, a customer might spend $200 with us on seeds. If we have an overstock of seeds, we'll gladly throw an extra few seeds in their pack for free. Also, we sometimes give away free seeds during purchases. Let's say someone purchases a variety of seeds from us. We often get new seed strains in, and we'll send out a couple of sample seeds along with the order seeds so that the customer can see how they like them.

Can I Get Free Seeds?

Unfortunately, we cannot just give away free seeds. The reason that we can't give away free seeds is that we have to pay our breeders to get the seeds, and if we start giving seeds away for free, everybody would be in line to get them, but we wouldn't make any money. We'd end up running out of seeds and going out of business.

The truth is; there is no telling when we are going to give away free seeds. It's not something that we schedule or announce to the world. At the same time, when we do give away free seeds, whether it's to say thank you or promote a new strain, people who have made purchases from us are the ones who are going to be the beneficiaries.

We Give Away a Variety of Seeds to Our Customers

At the Homegrown Cannabis Co., we sell a variety of seeds, and we give a variety of seeds away to our faithful customers. This includes autoflowering seeds, feminized seeds, and regular seeds. We also sell and give away high CBD seeds and high THC seeds. Additionally, we have a variety of the world's best Indicas, Sativas, and Hybrids.

When it comes to free weed seeds, our customers appreciate us.

Free Weed Seeds

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