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Girl Scout Cookies Weed

Girl Scout Cookies Weed

Girl Scout Cookies weed is a high THC strain riding the line between Indica and Sativa. Homegrown Cannabis CO allows you to grow your own plants to cut costs and give you control over your supply.

Does Blue Dream still exist?

For those who remember it, Blue Dream brought about a high that stood firmly in the middle between relaxed and energetic. Increased appetite and better sleep stood next to alertness and happiness.

Despite disappearing years ago, this power was replaced by Girl Scout Cookies. Tackle anxiety and sleep problems while feeling conversational.

What are the benefits of the Girl Scout Cookies Strain?

This strain provides many benefits for those looking to be friendly and conversational. Benefits include:

  • Increased happiness
  • Feelings of relaxation
  • Euphoria
  • Slightly increased creativity
  • Pain and nausea relief
  • Helps with stress, depression, and insomnia
  • Increased appetite

You will not fall asleep when using this strain but will be better able to control pain associated with medical issues, allowing you to become mildly more productive in desk-bound tasks. Get in control of your social life and sleep deeply.

Are there downsides to this strain?

As with every strain, there are some negative side effects. Users report experiencing slight bouts of dry mouth and dry eyes.

In very few circumstances, more severe symptoms exist. Some people experience paranoia and anxiety.

Can I grow my own marijuana?

In states where you can smoke medical or recreational marijuana, you can often grow your own plants. The number of plants you grow depends on the laws in your state.

Internationally and nationally, states and countries require registration for amateur growers. Citizens of Canada must register to grow medicinal plants. Make sure to check local and even national laws before purchasing seeds.

Tips for growing Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies weed yields 10 ounces or more per plant with a flowering period of between nine and ten weeks in hydro or soil. To ensure that you receive the highest quality yield:

  • Ensure adequate sunlight or light
  • Grow in a balmy atmosphere as these plants like a Mediterranean climate
  • If growing outdoor, harvest time is in October

If you adequately feed and cultivate these plants, they will yield plants with 18 to 28 percent THC. As with all marijuana, growing requires careful attention to detail.

Why is sending seeds over the mail legal?

While sending drugs across state lines is highly illegal, regulated by the federal government, seeds contain no THC. Therefore, while Cannabis is a Schedule I substance, the seeds yielding this drug are not.

Therefore, Homegrown Cannabis CO can send quality products across the country. Still, your state may not allow you to grow and consume marijuana and you should ensure that you can do so before making a purchase.

Where can I find Girl Scout Cookies Weed?

With a catalog of cheap seeds shipping across the country at great speed, Homegrown Cannabis Co is a premium supplier of seeds. We offer fully feminized and auto-flowering variants for beginners and skilled growers alike.

Visit our website today. 

Girl Scout Cookies Weed

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