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Grape Ape Strain

Grape Ape Strain

Grape Ape is an Indica dominant hybrid marijuana strain that has a thick presence of grape flavors. While Grape Ape is a quick flowering strain, you might need to learn growing strategies or Grape Ape strain tips to experience success.

The genetics of the Grape Ape cannabis strain comes from crossbreeding Afghani and Skunk with Mendocino Pups, which attributes to the robust flavor. This potent hybrid cannabis strain produces compact, heavy buds covered in trichomes.

One thing about Grape Ape you should know is that it comes with intense sleepiness and dry mouth side effects. The Grape Ape weed strain treats chronic pain symptoms, anxiety, and insomnia with its sedative properties. At full maturity, Grape Ape plants can reach up to seventy-eight inches in height with a yield up to six ounces per square foot.

A small bit of Grape Ape can take users on an intense high that produces short waves of total euphoria. Grape Ape is a strain that contains approximately fifteen to seventeen percent THC that can knock some users out right away.

Grape Ape Strain Guide and Review

Learning essential Grape Ape marijuana strain information can increase the results you achieve when harvest time comes. The musky scent of the buds follows with sweet hints of fruity aromas. Grape Ape seeds produce plants with dark green and fluffy leaves that contain traces of purple. Grape Ape buds have copper pistils that glisten vibrantly with a sticky texture.

Rather than the effects hitting immediately, Grape Ape is a strain that creeps up on users. The full-body high relaxes both the body and the mind in perfect unison. After use, you may feel groggy or experience temporary visual effects. All in all, this strain produces moderate-sized plants that yield dense and aromatic buds. Learning the primary fundamentals of growing cannabis can increase the average yield of Grape Ape or any other marijuana strain.

Indoor or Outdoor Strain That Flowers Quickly

Grape Ape is a classic strain that remains popular because it can grow indoors or outdoors. Besides the flexible growing patterns, Grape Ape flowers quickly in less than ten weeks.

Compared to other cannabis strain, a nine-week flowering time is remarkable. If growing Grape Ape plants outside, the best time to plant starts in late September, with a harvest season during early October.

Since Skunk is the dominant parent of Grape Ape, the buds produce an overpowering scent that lingers. Grape Ape is a strain that makes connoisseur users feel giddy because of its significant effects and potent flavors.

Start Shopping for Amazing Marijuana Seeds From Classic Strains

Homegrown Cannabis Co. offers Grape Ape seeds in package size counts of four, eight, twelve, and twenty-five. The resinous flavor hangs thick with sticky buds that flourish best in temperate environments and climates. While Grape Ape is not ideal for new growers, it is a fantastic strain that offers a fast return on investment. If you are ready to shop for Grape Ape or any other marijuana strain, please contact our team at 760-313-7455.

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