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Growing Cannabis

Growing Cannabis

Growing Cannabis is not just the most affordable way to stay well-stocked; it’s also the best way to enjoy the strain-specific effects and benefits of your favorite types of cannabis. Whether you’re thinking about growing for recreational purposes or you have a medicinal use in mind, you’ll find Homegrown Cannabis Co is the ideal place to purchase seeds for your garden. Choose from high THC strains, high CBD seeds, autoflowering varieties, feminized seeds, mixed packs, beginner favorites, and cheap weed seeds, all delivered right to your door with no questions asked.

Is Growing Cannabis Easy?

Some cannabis dispensaries distribute false information, detailing the difficulties of growing marijuana; their best interest is keeping you coming back to their store to buy from them time after time. At Homegrown Cannabis Co, we want to dispel those myths perpetrated by cannabis sellers and help users grow their own. Consider the numerous advantages of buying our seeds and growing cannabis at home:

  • The cost-savings is enormous
  • Grow indoors or outside
  • Two or three plants is typically enough for one person
  • A wide selection of cannabis strains available
  • The initial set-up is affordable
  • One-time equipment purchase can be used year after year
  • Free tips and resources available on Homegrown Cannabis Co
  • We sell quality seeds that are guaranteed to germinate

Do I Need Experience to Grow Marijuana?

First-time growers have never had as many tools available to them as there are today; if you’re new to the growing sector, we recommend our Beginner Seeds that require less care and attention to produce a bountiful harvest. With our easy-growing marijuana seeds, you’ll have success the very first time you grow. At Homegrown Cannabis Co, we believe initial success in growing leads to confidence, so you’ll be more likely to plant again next year. You’ll find many of your old favorites in our Beginner Seed section:

  • CBD White Widow Autoflower
  • Afghan Kush Feminized
  • Girl Scout Cookies x Cheese Feminized
  • Diesel Autoflower
  • Strawberry Banana Feminized
  • Orange Bud Feminized
  • Original Lemon Pie Feminized
  • Cinderella 99 x Tangilope Feminized
  • Hawaii x Purple Skunk Regular
  • And many, many others!

Is Growing Cannabis Legal?

As more and more states change their laws regarding marijuana possession, use, and growing, more citizens find that it’s becoming easier than ever to start a few plants in a spare room or their backyard garden. Check with laws in your state and stay under the radar and you’ll probably never have a problem growing a plant or two. If you use marijuana for medicinal purposes, you may find that your state will allow you to apply for a marijuana license to grow for personal use- again, we recommend checking with local authorities.

A Healthy Hobby

Growing cannabis at home is a rewarding hobby, and one that is enjoyable, as well. We invite you to browse our entire selection of marijuana seeds online at Homegrown Cannabis Co; select one or two of your favorites or try something new- there’s a lot to choose from in our seed bank.

Growing Cannabis

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