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Growing Marijuana

Growing Marijuana

A reliable growing marijuana guide can be helpful if you are a first time grower. Learning a few tips and tricks before you start sowing your seeds might be the best decision you make for the future of your yield. You can’t jump into the growing industry and expect to experience success by throwing a few seeds in the dirt.

The cannabis growing industry doesn’t work like magic, and plants don’t grow overnight. The nurturing of cannabis plants takes time, knowledge, and basic equipment to provide the correct levels of sunlight and the right amount of nutrients.

A basic understanding of botany and agriculture can help make a big difference in the overall success you experience while attempting to grow marijuana. Whether you are trying to grow cannabis to join the industry or if you are just trying to grow some bud for your personal stash, the process of growing cannabis remains the same.

Growing Marijuana Tutorial

The basics of growing marijuana include having a large enough space to accommodate the number of plants that you want to grow. If you are growing multiple cannabis plants, you will need one square foot of space in between each plant. If you are growing cannabis plants that are known to be big or bushy, you might want to consider providing two square feet per plant. You can’t expect your plants to flourish if they don’t have the proper room to thrive.

Another important basic tip to remember is not to overwater your plants. Many first time growers make the mistake of giving their cannabis plants too much water before the plant even has a chance to flower. The rule of thumb to remember is to give one plant that is one pound or more approximately one gallon of water per twenty four hour period. In a complete grow cycle, some marijuana operations have the potential of requiring one hundred fifty gallons per pound.

Rookie growers also make the mistake of not taking the time to germinate their plants. The germination process is quick and easy, and it doesn’t require a lot of money or equipment. All growers have to do is place their feminized seeds into a paper towel that has been folded into four sections. Open the paper towel in the middle section and place the seeds. Close the paper towel and place it in a medium sized bowl. Add a few tablespoons of water to the bowl. You only need to add enough water to moisten the paper towel thoroughly. While the paper towel needs to be saturated with water, it doesn’t need to have an excess amount.

Final Tips for Cannabis Growers

Once you have placed your seeds in the wet paper towel, you will need to place it in an area that has plenty of sunlight. As the days pass, keep an eye on the paper towel to ensure that it is always saturated with water. Always be careful not to let the paper towel get too wet. After four to five days, your seed should open up and be ready to place in the soil.

Growing Marijuana

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