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Growing Marijuana Outdoors

Growing Marijuana Outdoors

Cultivators can increase their plant count when they know how to increase yield from growing Marijuana outdoors. Following the regulations of the state is bound to increase the amount of crop because certain regions allow one to expand the number of plants when they reach a specific percent of crop sale.

Benefits of growing cannabis outdoor

High-quality buds

Growing weed in the outdoor exposes them to natural growth elements like fresh air, sun, and natural soil. Some weed enthusiasts insist that outside growth conditions enhance an earthy taste, which makes the plant more pleasurable than indoor plants.


Free sunshine eliminates the need for an artificial lighting setup, a carbon dioxide control system, regular air supply, and a collection of rainwater. These elements are essential for the natural flourishment of plants with minimal capital.

Process of growing weed outdoors

Pick the seed

The first factor to consider is which strain you would like to cultivate. Pick any of the feminized, auto, or high THC strain with the desired characteristic. Remember that the most expensive seed is not always the best one and the cheapest ones are not the worst.

Find the right substrate

One of the most important aspects of successful growth is the choice of substrate. Some have better retention of water; hence they have better retention of nutrients. Take note of the sub climatic conditions to know which substrate will optimize the yield.


Plants will absorb the right amount of water when they have the right Ph level. Improper absorption of nutrients will cause excess deposition of salts on the soil and deficiency of the plants.  

Pest control

Pests are a menace to all kinds of outdoor plants. Insects are especially common in spring when the temperature is conducive for small animals in the outdoor. While most insecticides are efficient at killing pests, they will leave traces of chemicals, which will be noticeable in the lab report. Use neem oil to spray the plant and leave it one for at least twenty days before you can be sure of the effect.

Use fertilizers

Nutrients are indispensable if you want a top-quality weed product. Use a growth fertilizer containing the following elements to provide the plant with the full spectrum of benefits:

  • Nitrogen
  • Potassium
  • Phosphorous
  • Bat guano to add thickness and weight to the buds


Most growers do not know the scientific timeframe of growing Marijuana outdoors or are too impatient for the plant to produce the right product. They often assume that harvesting the buds a few days shy does not ruin the plant. 

It is recommendable for one to wait at least two weeks after the due date to allow intensification of the THC. You can know the last possible moment by checking the trichomes with a magnifying glass or loupe. Do not harvest the plant is the trichomes are transparent, instead wait for an amber color as an indicator of the proper riping.

Kyle Kushman is an avid supporter of growing your cannabis. He has expertise in several growth formulas and therefore sells the best breeds of seeds for his customers. Pick a few of his growth gems by using high-quality seeds in healthy ecosystems for the most potent yield.

Growing Marijuana Outdoors

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