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Growing Pot

Growing Pot

To obtain a successful pot-growing, it is not enough to throw some seeds in your house's backyard. You must create the necessary conditions, and carry out a systematic process that allows the healthy development of the plants, and assures you a good harvest. For sure you have your favourite strains, and to achieve good sowing and later enjoy, you must keep in mind specific keys to success.

Top 5-Tips for a Successful Outdoors Cannabis Growing

  1. Choose the Right Strains

The varieties you can successfully grow will depend significantly on where you live, and what environmental conditions that the region provides. The climate, temperature, humidity, light and wind are all determinants of an optimal harvest. If you live in cold environments and short periods of summer, for example, is better to select strains of rapid growth and flowering like Early Sunk, or Jamaican Pearl. If on the other hand, the climate is warm and temperate, you have more possibilities, because any variety of sativa or indica will grow successfully.

  1. Diversify

Commercial growers plant only one type of weed, to provide the same care, and minimize effort and costs. However, in the case of homegrown crops, it is essential to ensure that your effort is worthwhile. That is why we recommend the selection of several strains, between indica and sativa, auto-flowering or photo-determined flowering. This will allow that if unfortunately some of the cultivated varieties are affected by the climate, the plagues or some disease, at least some of your plants will survive, and you will not lose all your time & money.

  1. Start Indoors

Keep in mind that in the first stage of growth, your cannabis plants will be more vulnerable. That's why it's ideal to start the germination and primary growth periods in a controlled environment. Indoors, you can recreate the ideal conditions of temperature and lighting for your plants to become healthy and withstand the elements. Besides, indoors, the plants will not be threatened by malignant agents that compromise their development.

  1. Soil or Pots?

One of the crucial decisions for growing pot outdoors is whether the plants will be developed in pots, or directly in the ground. In the case of pots, you will have the flexibility to move the plants and provide them with the best growing conditions. By sowing directly in the soil, the plants will have unlimited access to the nutrients of the substrate and will be able to reach their maximum height, depending on the variety.

  1. Soil & Water Quality

The substrate and irrigation are determinant for the success of your pot harvest. The soil must have the optimal pH depending on the strain. Otherwise, you must add the necessary additives to provide the best conditions for your crop. The water should be slightly acidic, with a pH close to 6.5. Besides, it should be of high purity, so it is preferable to use mineral water, or water coming from reverse osmosis equipment.

Get The Finest Seeds for Growing Pot

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