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Growing Weed From Seed

Growing Weed From Seed

If you have decided to grow weed, you might be wondering where to start. You can either grow weeds from seeds or clones. The cloning involves cutting a piece of stem with leaves and then have it planted under the conditions that make it grow roots and ultimately a new plant. Growing weed from seeds is what most people usually think if when growing marijuana because almost all weeds are grown from seed. And this is for good reasons. Here are some of the reasons why most growers prefer growing weed from a seed.

Stronger and healthier plants

Marijuana seeds tend to yield stronger plants, which are easier to grow because plants grown from seed have a taproot. This root vertically grows down from the seed, and this serves as the foundation of the whole root system. A plant with a taproot is more anchored into the ground and can go deep into the soil to get nutrients. This process helps marijuana plants stay healthy, strong, and tougher when dealing with unfavorable conditions.

Better harvest 

Yields are a major concern for any marijuana grower. No matter your motif for growing weeds, you will want to make sure your weed plant provides a decent-sized harvest. Sadly, clones tend to produce lighter harvests than weeds grown from seeds. A lot of factors contribute to this, but it mostly boils down to clones usually developing into weaker plants.

Bugs and pest free

Pests and bugs are major concerns for marijuana growers. Just like any other plant, marijuana can be susceptible to diseases and pests which can have a significant effect on the health of the plant. Sadly, bugs and pests can be passed from mother plants to their clones. Now, this may not be a problem for seasoned growers making their own clones; it can be a big problem for those who inherit or buy clones from someone else.

Any diseases or pests that affect clone may kill them as they try to recover from the cloning phases. However, diseases and pests can’t attack and survive in a seed. So, growing weed from seed can give you assurance of pest-free plant.

Several different varieties

One of the main benefits of growing weed from seeds is that you get a lot of choices. When you browse through the catalog of a reputable seed bank like Homegrown Cannabis Co, you will find several varieties of seeds, each with their own unique traits. When you decide to grow cannabis from seeds, you’ll able to scrutinize all the seeds available and select the ones that meet your needs.

However, when it comes to cloning, you have very little control over the type of plant you can grow. Instead, you will keep guessing about the morphology of the cannabis plant and how it will respond to your environment. 

If you are ready to grow weed from seeds and now looking for the best seed bank, contact Homegrown Cannabis Co. All of the Marijuana seeds that you can purchase from us possess the best quality genetic disposition. We are looking forward to your order!

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