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High Cbd Strains

High Cbd Strains

High-quality high-CBD strains are hard to come by these days. Homegrown Cannabis Co would like to help you find the best CBD strains for your medicinal cannabis garden. There's no need to pay premium prices for CBD strains on the commercial market, whether you are buying it from a street dealer or a licensed cannabis dispensary. Besides, in today's day and age, one must be self-sufficient. In the world of coronavirus, wars, and all kinds of uncertainties about tomorrow, you need to have your own weed garden.

Let's now take a look at our top CBD strains. We are sure that you will be happy with any of these strains in your garden.

CBD Kush x CBD Kush Feminized

CBD Kush x CBD Kush Feminized is a high-CBD strain with tropical and earthy hints and is known to produce up to 800 gm/plant! That's a lot of pot! 454 grams is a pound, so 800 grams almost two pounds or just shy of one kilo per plant! That's a lot of flower! Plus, the strain is tasty and delightful, making taking your medicine more pleasant.

CBD Black Diesel Feminized

CBD Black Diesel Feminized is one of the high-CBD strains that we are most proud of. This Sativa dominant strain offers smooth smokability and quick flowering. You won't get high when you smoke this strain, but you'll get plenty of CBD, as this strain is packed with CBD, practically oozing out of the nugs.

CBD Cheese Feminized

Cheese is one of the best CBD strains in the world, especially for people with anxiety disorders. CBD cheese is second to none in its ability to relax and calm the people who smoke it. Even individuals with chronic cases of anxiety and depression feel happy, calm, and relaxed in social settings after smoking this strain. Plus, the odor is pungent and skunky, as is the taste.

CBD Carmagnola Feminized

This is the cream of the crop in terms of high-CBD strains that also produce THC. As a rule of thumb, it's usually the case that strains with high-THC will have low CBD and vice versa. This strain provides an even balance of THC and CBD, so you can get the medicine you need and still catch a nice buzz.

CBD Blueberry Feminized

The yields aren't as large for this strain as they are with others, but the flower is just incredible! This indica dominant CBD strain is a top-shelf, award-winning strain. You'll be chilled to the maximum when you smoke this flower, and the taste and odor is to die for!

Browse our High-CBD Strains Today

Homegrown Cannabis Co has high-CBD, low THC strains for sale. We also carry strains that contain mid to high-CBD and mid to high-THC. We encourage you to browse our large selection of award-winning CBD cannabis strains if you haven't done so already. Select the ones you want and check out when you are ready. Be sure to check back weekly, as our seed bank is constantly being updated and replenished.


High Cbd Strains

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