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How To Feminize Cannabis Seeds

How To Feminize Cannabis Seeds

Feminization is the process of pushing plants to produce female seeds in large quantities, and eventually to stop production of male seeds. Naturally, plants produce a small proportion of male seeds, because these numbers support the normal fertilization process.

Farmers and scientists who sell to Single Seed Centre, have several ways of forcing plants to produce only female plants. Some processes are more efficient than others hence support colossal production of female seeds.

Explaining feminization

A female plant will undergo feminization when it produces male pollen. It happens by altering hormones or using colloidal silver or gibberellins. The collected male pollen fertilizes the female plant. The resulting seeds are female because the plants only have XX chromosomes.

How to feminize Cannabis seeds

Using colloidal silver

You have to spray the Colloidal Silver solution at the beginning of the flowering cycle. The process usually goes on for two weeks until you notice the formation of male pollen sacs. It is a more potent method because of the production of higher numbers of female seeds. Use the following tips to maximize the process of feminization:

  • Keep the solution away from light. Colloidal Silver that gets lighting exposure will begin turning dark and eventually become non-effective.
  • Spray every part of the plant using a high-intensity dispersion method. The coverage ought to be healthy and effective.
  • Use protective gear to prevent inhalation of the solution and dispose of affected pollen to avoid contamination by touch.
  • Wait at least six weeks before harvesting the pollen

Using the Rodelization method

The method of how to feminize Cannabis seeds is a more natural process that depends on the maturation timeline of Cannabis. The idea is to skip collecting the pollen until the plant begins to produce male pollen.

The Cannabis plant evolves to protect itself by producing male pollen when it senses signs of extinction. It can take approximately two weeks for plants to start producing male pollen, after the peak of the plant’s maturation.

Rodelization is a less robust method than when using Colloidal Silver because the offspring tends to have hermaphroditic qualities. The main benefit of this process is that keep the lighting on for longer.

The STS method

The method uses foliar to apply phenos and clones onto seeds. STS aims to reverse the gender of the seeds with the application of the foil either once or two times.

The mixture used with the application of foil includes silver nitrate, silver thiosulfate, and water. The combined solution becomes STS. Apply the mixture evenly across every area of the plant you want to reverse. Move the plant to dark space to speed up flowering. Harvest the male pollen after two or three weeks and store them away after they undergo successful drying.

What contributes to the production of hermaphrodite plants?

  • Poor genetics from plants may pass down to produce hermaphrodite plants.
  • Environmental stress of extreme temperatures and lighting inconsistencies may interfere with the feminization process
  • Rodelization is a hit or miss feminization process that depends on natural selection methods
  • Wrong timing when spraying Colloidal Silver will cause the failure of the entire feminization setup




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