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How To Feminize Seeds With Aspirin

How To Feminize Seeds With Aspirin

There are a lot of ways to feminize your own cannabis seeds to ensure a high female to male crop ratio. Some ways of feminizing cannabis are better than others, and some ways are just outright dangerous to your crop! One of the most common questions we get at the Homegrown Cannabis Co. about feminizing cannabis seeds is how to feminize seeds with aspirin. For the record, the Homegrown Cannabis Co. sells feminized seeds for dirt cheap, which means you don't have to make your own feminized seeds if you don't want to. But for those of you who are looking for instructions on feminizing cannabis seeds with aspirin, keep reading.

Should I Buy Feminized Seeds or Make My Own?

Most growers would agree that the best way to get feminized seeds is to make your own, but it's also the hardest and most difficult way to get feminized seeds. This means buying regular seeds, growing them, breeding the males with females, and waiting to harvest the flowers with seeds. If you have the patience to do this on your own, then this might be a good method for you.

Feminizing Seeds by Treating Males with Aspirin

When the males and females begin to flower, you'll want to separate them and start treating the males with aspirin, the same way you would feed them nutrients. Usually, one crushed or dissolved aspirin every three weeks is enough when you water. Too much could poison your plants! Therefore, it's always best to under-treat them than to over-treat them.

The aspirin treatments will quickly alter the hormones in your male plants. By the time you are ready to pollinate your females, you can simply collect some of the pollen from your aspirin-treated males, and coat the females' pistils. The females that you have pollinated should produce highly feminized seeds that are mostly female when you plant them.

Making Feminized Seeds by Treating Females with Aspirin

When creating feminized seeds with aspirin, you can also treat the females directly. You'll just need to use one or two aspirin per gallon of water over a period of multiple feedings once the females start to flower. The stress that this induces will cause your females to become hermaphroditic and produce their own pollen sacks that make highly feminized pollen.

The only problem with this method is that, by the time the sacks are ready to release their pollen, the females are all ready to be harvested. However, if you have plants at multiple stages of growth, then the next crop should be going into flowering by this time, and it would be the perfect time to pollinate those.

Using aspirin to feminize the females is more popular because most people don't want to have a lot of potential pollen floating around their female plants. Plus, the process is simpler and more straight-forward, easy even for beginner growers to grasp.

Now you know how to feminize seeds with aspirin. Happy growing! Don't forget to pick up the best seeds in the world, right here, at the Homegrown Cannabis Co.

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