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How To Germinate Marijuana Seeds

How To Germinate Marijuana Seeds

Cannabis is a plant that can grow almost anywhere provided the conditions are right. Are you wondering how to germinate marijuana seeds? The first step is to find good seeds. Next, you’ll need space, whether indoors or outdoors. Marijuana requires sufficient space and light to germinate quickly. Therefore, if you want to cultivate your seeds indoors, it’s best to find somewhere that’s close to a window.

At HomegrownCannabis Co, we stock a wide variety of quality cannabis seeds. Our strains yield high produce compared to other typical seeds found in many physical stores.

Which Fertilizer is the Best for Growing Marijuana Seeds?

Preferably, your fertilizer should consist of more organic compounds than artificial elements. Always check the ingredients listed and ensure that everything mentioned is safe for your germinating seed. Some of the toxic elements to be wary of include urea, anhydrous ammonia, diammonium phosphate, and superphosphate.

When used for too long, these ingredients can cause dehydration to the plant by preventing adequate absorption of water from the soil. Beginner growers who don’t know what ingredients to look for in fertilizers may experience such problems with their plants.  

For healthy plants, try using compost manure, which is fully organic. Other similar alternatives include bone meal, guano, and coir. Guano, for instance, contains high amounts of phosphate, potassium, and nitrogen, which are essential in promoting growth.  

It’s advisable to use organic fertilizers for germinating marijuana seeds. For starters, they are less costly. Also, they don’t cause toxic poisoning to the plant or consumers.

What’s the Perfect Season for Planting?

Ideally, spring is the best time to grow cannabis seeds for those who prefer outdoor germination. During this period, the soil is sufficiently warm, and the days also longer. As such, your plants will enjoy more sunlight and favorable temperatures that encourage faster germination.  

Summer isn’t suitable because of its scorching daytime temperatures. During summer, you’ll be required to use more water for cooling the plants to prevent them from getting burnt. Moreover, summer days are considerably shorter, meaning your plants will mature at a slower rate.

Common Pests That Consume Marijuana Seedlings

Just like all plants, marijuana isn’t immune to bugs and fungi, which can destroy the plant if it's not well taken care of. Among the most destructive pests is the red spider mite. This mite is found in conditions with high temperatures and less humidity.

These insects usually start by consuming the bottom leaves, making them develop small yellow spots which may later spread to the tender shoots. To prevent red spider mites from destroying your cannabis seedlings, ensure the soil is always kept clean by spraying herbicides regularly. 

Also, the plant should be properly watered to make sure the humidity levels are constantly kept high. Apart from these bugs, other pests you should watch out for include whiteflies, thrips, and caterpillars.

Supplying Cannabis Seeds for Each Grower’s Needs

HomegrownCannabis Co is your go-to supplier whether you’re learning how to germinate marijuana seeds, or you’re an advanced grower looking to increase your stock. For more information about our seeds, contact us through 0114 268 6642 or 0044 114 268 6642 for international callers. 

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