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How To Grow A Marijuana Plant

How To Grow A Marijuana Plant

Whether you use cannabis for recreational or therapeutic purposes, growing it at home will provide you with a unique experience. In addition to enjoying your favourite strains, you will have the satisfaction of watching your plant grow, caring for it and developing it, maximizing your satisfaction. Indoor growing is the most convenient option, especially if you are a beginner.

By planting indoors, you will have better control of your pot growing environment, and avoid threats such as theft, pests and diseases. You must know the specific aspects that you must take care of regarding how to grow a marijuana plant so that you can have a good and optimal harvest.

Keys to Optimal Indoor Cannabis Growing

Select a Location

You must have an exclusive space for the cultivation of your weed. Many people believe that a large area is necessary for good indoor growing. However, you can grow quality grass even inside a closet. Also consider that the larger space, the more lighting, ventilation and irrigation you will need, and the higher the costs. Regardless of the location, ensure these three conditions:

  1. That you can control the periods of light and darkness perfectly
  2. That you can regulate temperature and humidity levels accurately
  3. That space can be adequately ventilated naturally or artificially

Use Reflective Walls

A reflective surface will help you to direct as much light as possible to the plants. This will allow you to enjoy great harvests with delicious buds. Using reflecting surfaces, you will have a maximum of luminosity, without significantly increasing your electricity bill, since you will be able to increase the power of your lighting by up to 30%.

Avoid Light Leaks

It is necessary to consider the period of darkness of the plants as sacred to achieve successful cultivation. Light leaks at inappropriate times will generate high levels of stress to the plant, and some plants may become hermaphroditic or even male. Also, the bud will not be ideal, and its effects, aroma and taste can be compromised.

Air Quality

Good air circulation in the growing area is crucial for a successful crop. You must install a ventilation system, which allows your plants to receive fresh air at all times. You can use a fan system, taking care that the airflow does not impact directly on the crop, that all corners of the growing space receive air, and that excessive wind does not generate problems such as dermatitis or stress.


The lights are the cornerstone of an indoor cannabis plantation. You must install a system of lights that covers as many plants as possible. If your bulbs generate heat, make sure they are far enough away to avoid affections to your planting. You can choose various systems, including compact fluorescent lights (CFL), fluorescent lamps (T5 or T8 preferably), LED lights, or metal halide lamps (MH). It all depends on the strains you want to grow, the size of the room, your experience and, of course, your budget.

Get the Top Seeds for Perfect Growing

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