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How To Grow Cannabis

How To Grow Cannabis

There are many different ways to grow weed for those looking to enter into cannabis cultivation. It's hard to say this is the best way to grow cannabis because each method has its own strong and weak sides. But there is a particular growing method that is best for you. Read on to learn different methods of growing cannabis.

  1. Plain Soil

Plain soil is one of the best ways of growing cannabis. It's a popular choice because it effectively mimics how the plant would typically grow in a natural environment. For starters, purchase quality soil and then keep a close eye on proper fertilization and soil moisture. Besides, you can use plain soil if you don't want to worry about the soil pH and nutrient ratios. Plain soil is not the best, but if you improve the soil with suitable supplements and give your plants plenty of sunlight, you will get good results. 

  1. Hydroponics

This method of growing cannabis does not use soil. Instead, the roots are supported by perlite, gravel, clay pebble, peat moss, or vermiculite. It aims to get the plant roots in direct contact with fertilizers. The fertilizer should not be too much to retain access to oxygen. The nutrient quantities and watering can be adjusted depending on your cannabis seeds. You will have to maintain a pH range of 5.5 to 6.3 to make sure you have the "bud growing sweet spot."

  1. Aeroponics

Aeroponics is a soilless cannabis growing method that involves plants being in an air or mist setting. They use no soil and fertilizer being sprayed over the roots to nourish the plants. You can use various kinds of materials to carry out this concept, and you can adjust your set-up to fit your space. Aeroponics is a great way to preserve the environment, as no waste material is produced, but sometimes the plants will lack the complex flavors found when grown in soil. 

  1. Aquaponics

The method uses nutrient-rich water from fish to nourish soilless plants; the plants will cleanse the water by consuming these nutrients. This process mimics natural ecosystems like ponds and rivers. You only need fish food in this method. Beneficial bacteria convert uneaten food and waste into compounds that the plants thrive on.

Coconut Fiber/ Coir

Coco coir is an excellent method for growing cannabis. Manufactured using the byproducts from shredded coconut shells. The coir is considered more forgiving when compared to the hydroponic method. You will need to apply a few nutrient solutions from the beginning if you want to fertilizer. The real issue here is that it dries out much quicker, and therefore you will have to water more frequently, as lack of water can stress the plants and cause them severe damage.  

Making A Choice 

Your choice depends on the growing conditions you provide, your budget, and how much time you can spend on your crops. We hope this article served as a helpful introductory guide to the different methods out there. Need cannabis seeds to grow? Check Homegrown Cannabis Co.


How To Grow Cannabis

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