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How To Grow Marijuana

How To Grow Marijuana

A detailed how to grow marijuana guide can provide you with all of the details you need to start growing your own plants. Growing marijuana is not something that you learn to do overnight, as it is a complicated process that requires at least a basic understanding of how the growing process works. The first step in growing marijuana is picking out the right seeds.

There are tons of options when it comes to marijuana seeds, as there are numerous strains available to purchase. You should only buy marijuana seeds for home growth from a dealer that is reputable and dependable. The best place to buy seeds and find resources on a how to grow marijuana tutorial is Homegrown Cannabis Co. You can find feminized seeds that are strain specific from our stock of cannabis items and seed inventory.

Top Tips to Remember for First Time Growers

First time cannabis growers will need to remember to avoid buying seeds of male plants. Seeds that produce male plants will not produce any flower or buds. You will need to purchase feminized seeds because they produce the largest buds and largest yields. Once you have chosen a quality seed, you will need to start creating your grow operation.

Make sure that you have adequate space for each plant to grow and expand through its lifecycle. Avoid transplanting cannabis plants to prevent them from experiencing a shock to their systems. You will have to transplant your marijuana plants at some point because their roots will need more room to grow as time goes by. However, you should avoid transplanting your plants unless it is absolutely necessary. One of the best things you can do for your plants is to leave them alone and let nature run its course.

Watering Information

Each type of marijuana strain requires different care and growth techniques. There are some strains that are easier to grow than other strains. Easy to grow strains that you will find at Homegrown Cannabis Co. includes strains like Strawberry Banana and Purple Star Killer. Each strain requires its own specific amount of water in a certain timeframe, which is why it is important to study up about the strains you are most interested in growing.

 It is highly suggested to start out with easy to grow strains, such as Hawaii X Purple or Blue Cheese. Lemon Pie is another easy to grow strain that beginners should consider. Learning the basic care requirements of each strain can be the best way to reap the highest yield. Bubba Kush and Orange Bud are other beginner friendly marijuana strains that you can find at Homegrown Cannabis Co.

Fast Flowering Strains

There are many easy to grow marijuana strains that are known for how quickly they produce flower. Northern Lights is a great fast flowering cannabis strain that has high THC levels. Critical Cream Cheese and Blueberry X are other cannabis strains that are not only fast flowering, but they are also great for beginner growers. Growing your own marijuana starts with the seeds you sow.

How To Grow Marijuana

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