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How To Grow Marijuana From Seed

How To Grow Marijuana From Seed

Self-supplying your favourite buds is rewarding because, in addition to enjoying a unique product, you live the awesome experience of growing your cannabis. However, obtaining an excellent plantation is no simple matter. To achieve a thriving pot culture, it is essential that you take into account crucial aspects regarding the germination, growth and care of your plants, so that you have a satisfactory result. You must learn how to grow marijuana from seed correctly so that you can achieve an optimal result.

Step by Step to Grow Cannabis from Seeds Successfully


For maximum performance, you should use an excellent method to activate the seeds. The simplest and most effective is by using moistened paper towels. You must place the seeds in a wet paper and cover it with another, and place the system in a Tupper or closed container in the dark. Check daily to maintain humidity, and in a maximum of 72 hours, your seeds will come to life. You can use them when the roots reach a length between 1-1.5 inches.

Growth Phase

Once the radicles are obtained, it is ideal for making the first planting in a growth pot of about 0.8 gallons of capacity. This will allow the development of strong roots and a plant that will guarantee you a spectacular harvest. This growing period will last between 21 and 30 days indoors, depending on the strain. In the case of outdoor crops, you must also take into account the time of year, having the first days of spring as the perfect days for transplanting.


Once your plants are in condition, it's time to put them in their final place. By placing them in a suitable pot, or the ground, the roots will be able to unfold and develop, and you will have healthy and promising plants. In the case of jars, they should at least double the capacity of the growth containers. If the culture is indoors, you must also change the photo-period, going from 18 hours of light (ideal for growth) to 12 per day, to favour the fast flowering.


At this point, the plants stretch out, unfolding the interknots and opening to obtain more light in both flowers and leaves. If you sowed regular seeds, at this point, you could determine which of the plants will be male, and which female so you can separate them properly. The appearance of a flowering calyx with two pistils at the base of the plant will indicate that the bush is female and that it will be able to flower.


Finally, you will begin to see the appearance of the spectacular flowers in your crops. You can maximize the results by using flowering stimulators and flowering fertilizers, preferably organic. They will grow to encourage pollination. During this period, for the growth of the flowers, you must reinforce the levels of phosphorus and potassium, which are the foods required for the bush to develop a perfect bud, which once harvested you can enjoy.

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