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How To Make Feminized Seeds

How To Make Feminized Seeds

Autoflowering and feminized seeds allow people to grow good quality marijuana with great yields. If you’re wondering how to make feminized seeds, you can either apply a colloid silver solution or manipulate the plant’s light cycle.  At HomegrownCannabis Co, we sell cannabis seeds to suit various growing conditions.

Which types of cannabis seeds are popular with home growers?

There are a variety of cannabis seeds available in the market, that suit various growing conditions and requirements. For example, if you have little space and want a quick harvest, autoflowering seeds are the most suitable. These seeds produce plants that are short in height and hence require less maintenance.

You can also purchase feminized seeds, which only yield female plants and no male plants. As most marijuana smokers are aware, it’s the female plants that produce the best quality flowers you can smoke.

You can also buy seeds categorized by the level of THC or CBD. We sell both high-THC and high-CBD varieties. We also sell regular seeds, which are just normal seeds that don’t require artificial manipulation of growing conditions, like in the production of feminized seeds.

How to make feminized seeds

You can use several methods to make feminized seeds, and these involve either applying a chemical solution or changing the light cycle of the cannabis plant. You can manipulate the sex of the seeds a cannabis plant produces by disturbing the light exposure of the plants. This is a natural but less common method to produce feminized seeds.

The more popular method to make feminized seeds is to sprinkle some silver thiosulfate or colloidal silver solution to female plants before flowering. This procedure will result in male flowers growing on a female plant. The pollen particles on these flowers, however, are genetically identical to the female parent plant, and hence only carry genes for a female plant.

So, when these male flower-containing female plants pollinate with other female plants (ones with no exposure to the silver solution), the resulting seeds only carry female chromosomes. We refer to these seeds as feminized seeds, and since they have no male genes, a batch of them will only give rise to female plants.

Why would you need feminized seeds?

Many people purchase cannabis seeds with the intent of growing it to smoke marijuana. Male plants are not only useless for this purpose; they reduce the yield of the female plants by competing with them for nutrients, water, and light. The problem with regular cannabis seeds is that, in a batch, almost half the seeds will produce male plants.

Another issue is that with some strains, you have to wait until the plants flower to find out their sex. Hence, it is a very inefficient method for growing marijuana for smoking.

If you don’t know how to make feminized seeds, don’t worry as we sell them in our store! At HomegrownCannabis Co, you can find numerous strains of feminized seeds for home growing.

How To Make Feminized Seeds

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