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How To Plant Marijuana Seeds

How To Plant Marijuana Seeds

If you want to learn how to plant marijuana seeds, you will need to start with the best seeds. Worldwide-marijuana-seeds has a massive selection of seeds. They offer secure online ordering, guaranteed delivery on all orders, and accept bitcoin.

How Do I Plant Marijuana Seeds?

Before you can plant your marijuana seeds, you will need to germinate them. Germination is where our plant begins its life, and there are many ways to accomplish this task. Some methods work better than others. If you know growers, you can ask for suggestions. If you are brand new and don't know anyone, you can buy a book or do your research online.

There are three simple ways you can germinate your seeds.


  • Plant your seed directly into the soil.
  • Germinate Seeds in Water.
  • Germinate Seeds wit Cotton Pads or Paper Towels.

You can plant your seeds directly into the soil. This method ensures your seeds have negligible interference since the root is fragile and protected by the soil. Carefully check the pH of the soil as it should be about 6. Do not add extra nutrients. Potting soil will have enough nutrients for the first two weeks of your plant’s life. Prepare the soil and create a small hole that is approximately 0.6 inches deep. Place one seed into the hole and cover with soil. Use a spray bottle to mist the soil and keep it moist, but not wet.

To germinate your seeds with water, fill a glass with tap water. Once it reaches room temperature or about 65 degrees drop two or three cannabis seeds in and watch for changes. Change the water daily with more room temperature water. After a few days, (2-4) the seeds should start to split. You need to plant the seeds when the roots reach 0.1 to 0.2 inches long.

You can germinate with cotton pads or paper towels. Cotton pads work best, but cheap single-ply paper towels will work — place seeds between two cotton pads or paper towels under an upside-down bowl or plastic bag. Your goal is to try and keep your seeds about 72 degrees. Your seeds should split in a few days. When their roots reach 0.1 to 0.2 inches long, they need to be planted.

How to plant marijuana seeds after they are germinated can be a tricky business. Sprouting in water and between paper towels does have some negative aspects.  The marijuana roots are fragile. If you damage them your plant may not develop correctly or grow. Try to put the root facing down when you plant your seed.

What Do I Do After I Have Planted My Marijuana Seeds?

Now that you know how to plant marijuana seeds, you can learn how to take care of your plants. Your marijuana seedlings need special attention. Make sure they receive the correct amount of light. You can use artificial lights to maintain the right lighting if you are growing indoors.  You will also need to fertilize and water your plants to ensure proper growth.

How To Plant Marijuana Seeds

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