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How To Plant Weed Seeds

How To Plant Weed Seeds

The Homegrown Cannabis Co. is the number one online source for cheap, premium weed seeds in Western countries. People buy their weed seeds from us because they know the Homegrown Cannabis Co. is reliable, honest, and supportive. Because we sell cannabis seeds, it comes as no surprise that many of our customers want to know how to plant weed seeds. Many of our customers are new to marijuana or new to growing marijuana, and they are looking for strain-specific or general planting instructions.

Whatever the case is for you; look no further! HomegrownCannabis Co would like to provide you with some helpful cannabis planting tips that will help more of your plants make it to full maturity.

Germinate Seeds in Paper Towels

To start with, you should germinate your seeds. You'll do this by placing rows of weed seeds, spaced out approximately 2-inches x 2-inches, on a dry paper towel. Line only half of the paper towel with weed seeds, and then fold the other half over the weed seeds so that the seeds are covered by the paper towel on top and bottom. Make sure you use plain white paper towels or toilet tissue with no ink, as the ink can bleed off onto and harm your seeds.

Next, you'll want to place the folded paper towel with the weed seeds in it into a Ziplock bag. Press out all of the air, and seal the bag. You'll want to open the bag once or twice a day for 10-15 minutes to let the stale air out and fresh air in, but do not leave the bag open long enough that the paper towel begins to lose moisture. As long as the paper towel with the seeds is inside the sealed Ziplock bag, the moisture will not escape, and the paper towel will stay wet.

After 48-72 hours, you'll begin to notice the first seeds sprouting. As soon as you see a root protruding from the seed shell, you need to remove it from the paper towel (without disturbing the other seeds), using a plastic disposable food handling glove, and you'll transplant the seedling into fresh soil.

Transplant the Seedling into Soil

You'll want to have Styrofoam coffee cups full of potting soil set aside. The coffee cups should have a pencil-sized hole in the bottom for water drainage. The soil should be pushed down so that it is compact but not too compact! Take a pen or pencil and push down into the soil about 1 inch in the middle of the cup, and transplant the seedling with the white root pointing down. Cover with soil and loosely pat-down. Make sure your soil has already been watered before you transplant the seedling.

Next, cover the Styrofoam cup with a large sandwich bag and seal shut. This will keep the moisture inside of the soil and provide a humidity tent for the seedling to continue sprouting. When the seedling has pushed through the soil and has shown its first two round leaves, you may then remove the humidity tent. This is how to plant weed seeds.

How To Plant Weed Seeds

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