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How To Sprout Weed Seeds

How To Sprout Weed Seeds

Do you know how to sprout weed seeds? If you don't, and you want to know how to, then you're in the right place now. The Homegrown Cannabis Co. would like to share with you a couple of different tips to sprout your weeds successfully. Then, we'll tell you which method we prefer.

You might be wondering, "Can't I just plant my seeds in the dirt and let them sprout that way?" Yes, you may, but you'll probably have about 50-60% germination rate if you do it that way. Of the 50-60% of your seeds that end up sprouting, may 50% of those will grow to maturity. There are better ways to sprout cannabis seeds, such as the ways that we are sharing with you here, where you can see up to an 85-95% germination rate.

If you've read content on our website before, then you may be familiar with the paper towel method of sprouting seeds. That is our favorite method, but there is another method that is even easier. Let's discuss both of these methods briefly.

Using Paper Towels to Sprout Weed Seeds

To sprout your cannabis seeds using paper towels, simply line your seeds in a row on the paper towel. Do this while the paper towel is still dry. After you've lined one half of a dry paper towel, you can fold the unseeded half of the paper towel over to envelope the seeds and dampen the paper towel with distilled water. You'll place the wet paper towel inside of a Ziploc freezer bag and seal it shut to retain the moisture.

Once or twice a day, you'll want to unzip the Ziploc bag, but do not remove or disturb the paper towel. You just want to burp the bag and let some fresh air in. After a few minutes, reseal the bag. You'll notice your seeds start to sprout within 48 hours.

Using a Cup of Distilled Water to Sprout Weed Seeds

A simple way to sprout weed seeds is to dump a handful of seeds into a room-temperature cup with distilled water. Within a day or two, you'll notice your seeds starting to sprout. Some people prefer this method because it is easy. Just be sure to leave your cup inside of a dark place, such as a cupboard.

Which Method is Better for Germinating Seeds?

The paper towel method is the best method for people who want to sprout cannabis seeds. Why so? When you sprout seeds in a cup of water, the roots tend to come out of the seed casing very spindly, which makes them very hard to transplant. You want your tap roots to come out of the seed straight down. When you transplant the seeds into your growing medium, you'll plant the root pointing down, so if the root is all spindly and point upwards or sideways; good luck with that!

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