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Kush Seeds Feminized

Kush Seeds Feminized

If you are looking for premium kush seeds feminized, then you are in the right place now. The Homegrown Cannabis Co. has feminized Kush seeds for a very low price. We guarantee an 85% germination rate and an 80/20, female/male ratio. We currently have four types of feminized Kush seeds available.

OG Kush Feminized Seeds

OG Kush is the number one strain for Indica lovers around the world. Kush is unique and is unlike any other cannabis strain. When a strain has been crossed with Kush, you know it's going to be excellent! Please, allow eight weeks for these seeds to feminize once you switch the light cycle to 12-hour light/12-hour darkness.

OG Kush is ideal for indoor growers. If you allow these plants for 4-6 months before you induce flowering, you will get around 500 grams per plant indoors.

Purple Kush Feminized Seeds

If you're an Indica lover, and if you love Kush and Purple, you are going to really enjoy this strain! The THC yields are huge in Purple Kush, and Purple Kush has a fair amount of CBD, which is rare for high-THC strains. The only downside is that the yield isn't as large as you get with other Kush strains. Still, you can get a quarter-pound on an indoor plant and a half-pound off an outdoor plan.

If you love the sweet, earthy flavor and the pungent aroma of Kush, this is a great strain for you! This strain is good for beginners because it doesn't require a ton of experience to grow it. Just a little care, and nature will do the rest.

Tahoe Kush Feminized Seeds

Tahoe Kush is a highly coveted, highly awarded strain, and the Homegrown Cannabis Co. has a large stock of feminized Tahoe Kush seeds.

This strain was awarded:

  • 'Best Indica,' 3rd place, High Times Amsterdam.
  • 'Best Hash,' 1st place, High Times Amsterdam
  • 'Best Hybrid,' 2nd place, High Times Medical Cups

Feminized Tahoe Kush seeds are ideal for indoor climates, and they can be grown successfully outdoors in warm climates. Be prepared for very large yields, up to 1 lb. per plant when grown outdoors and between 10 to 12 oz. when allowed to reach full maturity indoors. Flowering takes about 65 days to complete.

Triangle Kush Feminized

Triangle Kush is grown indoors and is not ideal for newbies, as this Kush strain requires quite a bit of hands-on attention. If you are an experienced grower, and you love the pungent aroma and flavor that is unique to Kush, then this strain is right for you! With 20-26% THC, you'll be plenty stoned for a long time to come. Triangle Kush typically yields about 8 to 10 oz. per sq. meter for indoor gardens and 10 to 12 oz. per plant when grown outdoors.

You'll need a warm climate and be ready to accommodate enough space for a rather large plant. Triangle Kush seeds grow up to 6-1/2 feet outdoors and up to 5 ft. indoors.


Kush Seeds Feminized

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