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Making Feminized Seeds

Making Feminized Seeds

Making feminized seeds might seem like an extremely complicated, scientific process, but it's not. When you think about feminizing marijuana seeds, you might envision a scientist in a white lab coat with vials of chemicals, meticulously applying treatments to seeds and running them through a stringent process. If that is what you envision, relax! Feminizing seeds is nothing like that. In fact, the process of feminizing seeds does not have to be hard.

Keep Reading if...

If you would like to purchase feminized seeds from the Homegrown Cannabis Co., but you also want to know how we do it, then keep reading. Also, if you are crossing your own cannabis strains, and you would like to find a simple solution of how to do it, then keep reading. This is for you.

Step #1 in Feminizing Your Seeds

To keep it as simple as possible, let's break the process down into a few easy steps. Step #1 is to start spraying your plants with colloidal silver days before you begin to induce flowering. For example, if you were going to start flowering on Friday, you would want to start this step on Wednesday. So Wednesday and Thursday you would spray your plants, and Friday you would transplant them into bigger buckets and separate them from the rest of the plants.

Don't worry about the stress when you're trying to make feminized seeds because you want them to herm out.

Step #2 of Feminizing Seeds

Step #2 is to leave your plants in the dark for 24 hours. After 24 hours, you'll turn the lights on. Note, you should keep spraying the plants even while they are in the dark. You'll want to spray them twice a day, say, once when you wake up and once when you go to bed.

All you will need is a very small perfume-sized spray bottle, and you'll spray the entire plant. You'll use a 30 or 50-parts-per-million solution of colloidal silver.

Step #3 of Feminizing Seeds

After about 2-3 weeks of spraying the plants consistently with the colloidal silver, you'll begin to notice that your plants begin creating pollen sacks. If you treat enough plants, you'll probably notice that different strains start to create different sacks at different times. For example, if you sprayed AK47 plants with colloidal silver, it might take three weeks to create a pollen sack. However, with Gorilla Glue, it might take only two weeks. You get the point.

Why You Should be Making Feminized Seeds

Whether you are a beginner marijuana grower and experienced pro, you probably already know that cannabis flower is where all of the good stuff is. Only female marijuana plants produce flower, so growers typically want as many females as possible. That is why people feminize their seeds or like to buy feminized seeds.

As you can see, the process of making feminized seeds is as simple as the reason for doing it. If you would like to purchase fem seeds or learn more about the process, contact the Homegrown Cannabis Co. today.


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