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Marijuana For Anxiety

Marijuana For Anxiety

In today's world of uncertainty, it pays to have your own cannabis garden, whereby you can generate an endless supply of marijuana for yourself. This is especially important for people who use marijuana to treat medical conditions such as depression and anxiety. You can find premium weed seeds from some of the best marijuana strains in the world. If you suffer from depression and anxiety, marijuana can help you. To make the shopping process easy online, Homegrown Cannabis Co has divided our cannabis seeds into specific categories. Feel free to browse yourself:

Feminized Seeds  - Seeds that are bred to produce all or almost all female plants (female marijuana plants are the ones that product bud)

Auto Seeds - Auto or autoflower seeds need very little attention and hands-on care. Simply give them light and water, and these seeds will flower within 90-100 days.

Regular Seeds  - These are regular seeds from premium strains that have not been treated.

High CBD Seeds - High CBD seeds are recommended for people with anxiety disorders.

THC Seeds  - Buy these seeds if all you want to do is get stoned.

Beginner Seeds  - Little skill required.

Mix Packs  - Get a variety of seeds and save money.

Cheap Seeds  - High-quality seeds from premium weed at a discount.

What's the Best Weed for Anxiety?

Not all cannabis strains are created equally. Likewise, not all marijuana strains should be used to treat anxiety or depression. Studies have shown that Sativas strains and high-CBD strains are best for treating these conditions. Indicas can provide a temporary euphoric feeling, but these do little to treat the problem. In fact, some studies show that high-THC marijuana - especially Indica strains - can compound or exacerbate depression and anxiety.

Although it certainly isn't the same for everyone, there are a lot of people who experience increased paranoia when they smoke high-THC strains of marijuana. This increased paranoia can actually enhance a person's anxiety levels, especially in social settings. Please, know yourself, and choose a cannabis strain that is best for you. Remember, CBD provides medicinal relief, and Sativas can provide a cerebral high but relax your panic and paranoia a bit more.


As a rule of thumb, marijuana strains that contain high levels of CBD usually contain low levels of THC. Some cannabis strains are virtually all CBD and no THC. These CBD strains are perfect for people who want to use cannabis solely for the medicinal relief that it provides but absolutely do not want to catch a buzz.  

On the other hand, Homegrown Cannabis Co has a large selection of balanced CBD plants, meaning that they contain a fair amount of CBD and THC. Remember, THC isn't recommended for people with paranoia and or anxiety disorders, as THC can enhance these. However, if someone were to use CBD for pain relief, they may enjoy a strain that contains a good amount of CBD and THC.  


Marijuana For Anxiety

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