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Marijuana Grow Books

Marijuana Grow Books

 Are you a newbie in cannabis cultivation? Or perhaps, you have been in the field for long but seeking new methods to improve your plant quality and harvest? Well, growing cannabis isn't that cumbersome. However, ending up with a filthy harvest and plants plant without bud to smoke isn't tricky as well.    

Irrespective of your experience, you can always need help. Hence, we've gathered a few of the best marijuana grow books every cannabis grower must possess to be a successful grower.


Marijuana Horticulture is a quintessential guide to successfully growing marijuana. This book has been in its best-selling form since 1983. Jorge Cervantes authored this book with exclusive information to reach a successful harvest. He provided insights on ways to set up a perfect growing environment with the resources at your disposal, practical usage of lightning, and how to feed your crop correctly. 

The guide provided in the Marijuana Horticulture doesn't stop there. It provides a full guide on implementing techniques such as the sea of green to enhance yield. After trimming your buds, you'll also learn to dry and cure them, and even how to make hash.


This book, written by Sam R. Zwenger, looks deeply at cannabis plants on a molecular and cellular level for growers. This book is aimed at helping cannabis grower understand the complexity of these plants and their response to their environments. It helps in making an informed decision about planting cannabis at the right time. 

Note: This book is highly recommended for zealous cannabis growers who desire to understand the plant to the core better.


ED Rosenthal Marijuana Grower's Handbook tagged "the guru of ganja" continue to remain a leading cannabis horticulture authority. This book covers all the basics, from beginner knowledge to advanced cultivation skills.

The first chapter of this book is an introduction to the cannabis plant: its components and subspecies. Then, it was followed by a penetrating plant biology lesson across various topics such as light, photosynthesis, nutrients, humidity, and temperature. 

The following chapters are equally packed with a series of vital information ranging from setting up your growing space down to harvesting, curing, drying, and restarting your garden if you grow outdoors.

This book is one of the best marijuana grow books every grower should have regardless of their level of experience.


Where other marijuana grow books stand out for bulky the information they cover and detail they entail, this stands out for its clarity and simplicity. The author, Mr. Grow, has been growing cannabis for more than ten years and as well worked with some of the world's renowned growers.

He provided a step-by-step procedure on how to successfully and adequately grow cannabis. This e-book remains a powerful tool for newbies. If you're new to the cannabis growing industry, ensure this book is among the first marijuana grow books you'd check out.  

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