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Marijuana Seeds Usa

Marijuana Seeds Usa

Cannabis seeds are tiny in size, and they’re usually brown when dried. And depending on the specific strain, they have different germination patterns; some will take much longer to grow than others.  

Marijuana seeds in USA can be found at registered cannabis retail stores. They are usually kept in controlled conditions to ensure their maximum freshness at the time of purchase.    

At HomegrownCannabis Co, we’re a registered collector and distributor of marijuana seeds, providing customers with more 3,000 different strains to choose from. Some of our most popular blends include Indica, Sativa, Royal Queen, Greenhouse seeds, among others.

Is it Legal to Plant Cannabis Seeds in the U.S.?

The legality of germinating cannabis seeds all depends on the state you live in. In some places like Colorado and Washington, it’s legal to grow and use marijuana for both recreational and medicinal purposes.  

Apart from these states, many more are currently debating on the regulation of weed to probably legalize it in the future. Currently, there are 33 states where cannabis seeds can be grown for medical uses.

Nevertheless, some jurisdictions are quite strict on the quality of seeds that one purchases and their molecular composition as well. For instance, if the product contains too much THC than the recommended amount, then you may not be allowed to plant it.   

How are Cannabis Seeds Grown?

First, ensure you have sufficient space in your home to allow for the germination of cannabis seeds. They require adequate aeration, sunlight, and care to grow.

On average, the room temperature of where you’ll be planting them should be between 70 to 90 degrees. Also, the seeds need to be put roughly 1cm deep into the ground.  

After about a week in the ground, your seeds will begin to sprout. At this stage, transplant them into small 2-inch pots or bags. Use a pair of tweezers to uproot the germinating plant gently. Then, carefully drop it into the bag with the roots facing downwards. Finally, lightly cover the top with some soil.      

Afterward, remember to spray the growing plant regularly with water but don't overdo it lest it becomes too soggy. Overwatering the seedling can cause suffocation due to insufficient supply of air.

Qualities of a Good Supplier

A good supplier should have a wide variety of seeds such as auto-flowering, feminized, and regular seeds. Moreover, the ordering process should be simple. Once you go to the supplier’s site, the only thing you need to do is choose your preferred products, add them to cart, pay, then wait as they discreetly ship the package to your home.

At HomegrownCannabis Co, we are your trusted online dealer in cannabis seeds. Our collection consists of hand-selected seeds sourced from some of the largest and best seed banks in the world, including, Green House, Speed Seeds, Big Buddha Seeds, Barney’s Farm, among others.

We are Your Go-To Dealer   

As a premier supplier of marijuana seeds in USA, we provide free bonus seeds for every order you make. Call us now on 0114 268 6642 for more information. If you're in the U.S., you can reach us on 011 44 114 268 6642. 

Marijuana Seeds Usa

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