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Og Kush

Og Kush

OG Kush is one of the most popular Indica strains in the world, and for a good reason! This Indica packs one of the best punches in the Kush family, and growing this strain in your garden is an enjoyable experience. To be sure, OG Kush can be grown outdoors in certain climates, but it is most commonly grown indoors.

One plant provides plenty of yield, and you'll have enough to share with your friends and family. If you like to bake with cannabis, OG Kush is an excellent strain for making cookies, brownies, and other goodies. Please, grow and enjoy responsibly. Homegrown Cannabis Co currently offers 16 strains that are crossed with OG Kush, including the original strain. View for yourself by clicking here.

What is OG Kush Like When it's Growing?

If you are planning to grow your OG Kush outdoors, you will get larger yields, but even indoor yields can be 1/4 lb - 1/2 lb or better. If you live in a very hot or very cold climate, you might do better to grow this strain indoors. Moderate climates and temperatures are better for these plants. This strain thrives in temperatures between 65-80 degrees-Fahrenheit.  

If you are planning to grow your OG Kush outdoors, you might want to give it a boost by using nutrient-rich soil, and you may also want to consider the use of pesticides. Because the nugs of this strain are so dense, these plants are more susceptible to bud rot, especially in climates where humidity levels are higher, so it never hurts to harvest slightly early rather than too late. You definitely want to grow this strain outdoors in drier climates.

Growing OK Kush outside can be very rewarding. Just keep in mind that this strain is very loud, meaning that the smell is very strong, pungent, and unmistakable. The plants will be shorter (usually 3-1/2 ft - 4 ft tall) and bushy, with lots of flowering tops. Be mindful of deer, cats, and other animals or insects that love your plants as much as you do. Grow outdoors at your own discretion.  

What Does OG Kush Smoke Like

The best part about OG Kush has to be the buzz. If you have never smoked this strain, it is one-hitter-quitter. The buds are rock solid and highly resinous, meaning that you will want to make sure the buds are bone dry before smoking, especially if you smoking joints or blunts. This strain is excellent for bowls, bongs, and steam rollers. Expect a real kick in the pants as soon as you light up!

OG Kush will leave you feeling blasted, especially if you take a big rip from a bong. The high is instant and extremely intoxicating. You will feel an immediate euphoric satisfaction, and you may become forgetful. This strain is best used as an 'after work, everything is done, let's chill and unwind strain.' If you smoke this weed during the day, you might not get very much done.  


Og Kush

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