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Pot Seeds

Pot Seeds

A successful marijuana harvest depends on two factors: the seed you plant and the conditions you give to the crop. In that sense, it is crucial to select the top of the line grains so that you can enjoy your favorite strains, either medically or recreationally. There is a great variety of seeds in the market, and for that reason, you must have in mind specific criteria that allow you to buy the top pot seeds.

How to Select the Ideal Pot Seed?

What Will Be the Environmental Conditions?

Keep in mind that marijuana seeds come from various parts of the world, each area with different ecosystems. This is why some strains are more resistant to the cold, others to the sun, for example. The wisest thing is to investigate the varieties of cannabis that better adapt to your locality, taking into account factors like luminosity, humidity, and temperature. In the case of outside cultures, you must even value the duration of the seasons in your area to choose seeds whose plants can adapt smoothly.

Indoors or Outdoors?

Another factor to consider when choosing your seeds is whether you will be planting indoors or outdoors. In the case of indoor crops, you should select grains that produce plants with low height, such as the Cream Caramel, the White Widow, or the Critical Plus. Keep in mind that the flowers only appear on the branches' tips; if the plant is very tall, the excess of heat and light from your bulbs can affect the quality of the bud. If you still decide to plant tall plants, you can help with height control systems such as SCROG.

Flavor & Effects

You also need to take into account your goals when consuming your buds. The best seed banks in the world like Homegrown Cannabis Co. will indeed offer you an excellent selection of therapeutic and recreational strains, each with different effects. It's better to grow what you like than to have a bunch of weed that tastes like nothing.

Seed Type

Do you prefer regular, feminized, or auto-flowering seeds? Nowadays, it is a trend to use feminized or autoflowering seeds because they are easier to cultivate and maintain. However, keep in mind that the plants that come from these grains do not have the same productivity as the shrubs born from regular seeds. Fortunately, the growing periods do not exceed 60 days, and you can grow several times a year to compensate.

Experienced growers often prefer growing regular seeds. Although it is a more laborious process, seasonal plants produced from regular grains offer maximum production under ideal conditions. Besides, the grower can take advantage of the male plants' strength to achieve healthier and more robust crops in the following season. Many even enjoy the full experience and are encouraged to pollinate and produce their seeds for the next occasion.

Get the Finest Pot Seeds for Your Crops

If you want a spectacular cannabis crop, Homegrown Cannabis Co. has the best seeds on the market for you. Enjoy any of our stocked 400+ sativa, indica, and hybrid strains, with the highest quality standards and world-class genetics. Sing up and take advantage of the most competitive prices and the industry's best customer service.

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