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Sativas are great for outdoor gardens, and they are good for indoor gardens as well. Outdoors, a pure Sativa or Sativa dominant strain can reach massive sizes, yielding several pounds of marijuana per plant, dried and cured. Because Sativas get so large outdoors, they are ideal for making hashish and other cannabis concentrates. Homegrown Cannabis Co welcomes you to shop our many Sativa strains online. We have feminized Sativas, autoflower Sativas, high-CBD Sativas, high-THC Sativas, beginner Sativa seeds, cheap Sativa seeds, and more.  

Feminized Seeds 

Feminized Sativas can give you the best bang for your buck. If you are growing cannabis for the flower that it produces, feminized seeds are always going to be your best bet. Check them out for yourself and find the strains you want to add to your garden. Homegrown Cannabis Co guarantees an 85/15% female/male ration or better on all of our feminized seeds.

Auto Seeds 

Autoflower seeds are perfect for beginners and for individuals who want to remain as hands-off as possible during the growing process. With our autoflower seeds, all you need to do is give your plants water and light. You can keep the light cycle on 24 hours at all times, and these plants will flower automatically after about 90 days or so. These seeds are only meant for indoor gardens.

Regular Seeds

Our regular seeds are ideal for people who don't want seeds that have been treated in any way. Plus, with regular seeds, you can get more of an even ratio of male to female plants, which is important for Sativa strain breeders.

High CBD Seeds 

If you are interested in cannabis for medicinal purposes only, Sativa seeds are ideal for you. Most CBD strains are Sativa strains, as even hemp is a Sativa cousin of cannabis.

THC Seeds  

If you like to get stoned, don't sleep on Sativas! While Indicas are synonymous with full-body, stony highs, Sativa strains like Bruce Banner can give any Indica a run for its money.

Beginner Seeds 

Beginner seeds are seeds that are very resilient and grow well on their own. As a beginner, you could wind up ruining your garden by trying to experiment too much, so beginner seeds are ideal until you have your garden established. Then, you can try some advanced cannabis gardening techniques.

Mix Packs 

It's not cheap to buy marijuana seeds. At least, it's not cheap to buy premium seeds from premium weed. Plus, no matter which seed bank you purchase your seeds from, there are always minimum purchases per order. Mix packs are a great option for people who want to have a variety of highly potent, high-quality cannabis strains in their gardens.

Cheap Seeds 

Homegrown Cannabis Co always has cheap Indica and Sativa seeds for sale. Seeds that are overstocked or need to be sold quickly are always offered a discount. This gives budget shoppers a great chance to find excellent cannabis strains at unbeatable prices.


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