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Sour Diesel Seeds

Sour Diesel Seeds

Sour Diesel, aka 'Sour D', is a prominent cannabis strain, among others. This cannabis strain stands out from the rest with its fuel-like smell. This strain's nature, highly sativa dominant, alongside little indica relaxation, has made its use popular among medical and recreational users. The Sour Deez marijuana strain is so potent with a THC level measured to be 24%.   

Sour Diesel belongs to the Kush/ChemDawg family. Although its dominating sativa effect seems to hit its users more than its indica effect, it's never couch-locking, except in users with a lower THC tolerance. Also, it's gained recognition for its energizing qualities. Sour Diesel has proven itself a worthy cannabis plant for both consumers and growers due to its unique attributes. Let's have an in-depth look at the Sour Diesel seeds and strain.

Sour Diesel Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

The term diesel that makes up this particular strain name is coined from its smell. This aroma distinguishes the sour diesel strain from many other strains and has seen it labeled among the most pungent marijuana strain, which is also one reason it's famous in the marijuana world.   

Besides its pungent aroma, its flavor harbors a taste of lemon zest notes and other citrus fruits. And maybe that's the reason the 'Sour' in its name. Most consumers have reported that the sour diesel cannabis seeds have an earthy flavor, mixed with a subtle blend taste of citrus fruit when smoking this strain. Above all, users should expect the sour Diesel's taste, overwhelmed with its pungent and skunky elements, leaving you with a very slight citrus flavor.    

The Sour diesel appearance is mostly pictured with a classic pot look. This cannabis plant looks gorgeous with the presence of pinkish-orange pistils, and leafy green sugar leaves found stems. It has very frosty nuggets, often covered with thousands of tiny shiny crystals, which signifies this strain's potency.   

The Sour Diesel marijuana has a long-lasting scent that can still be perceived long after a smoking session. Therefore, be discreet with its consumption.  

Sour Diesel Growing Tip

The Sour Diesel is one of the easy-to-grow cannabis plants, which is perfect for all growers. Also, it yields in abundance. Sour Diesel can be grown outside; however, it thrives better behind closed doors because it requires a warmer climate (an ideal temperature between 20 to 28°C) for better yields.

It has a flowering period between eight to ten weeks. However, don't be surprised to see the little formation of buds around the seventh week. When planted indoors, it can produce yields at about 500g/plant and an outdoor yield of 700g/plant if appropriately looked after. Achieving such yield when Sour Diesel outdoor yields seem very attractive, however, regulating your outdoor farm to achieve such can be cumbersome due to its warmer climate requirements.          

As soon as the diesel plant begins to flower, it develops a lankier appearance. And it becomes a necessity to prune the plants always to maintain a desirable length. Indoor growers should ensure to use soil as this will enhance your plant growth and ensure bountiful yields.    

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