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Strawberry Kush

Strawberry Kush

 A successful marijuana growth relies on starting with the right marijuana strain. And also, cannabis cultivation with the right seed will make a whole lot of difference in so many ways. However, today's availability of thousands of cannabis seeds requires a substantial amount of careful research to make the right choice.

As we all know, the genetics possessed by different strains varies from one another; some grow faster, some yield bountifully, and so on. Since there are variations in every strain, it's then up to the grower to find a particular strain that best suits their preference. Doing this will help growers reduce disappointments since they are already knowledgeable about their chosen cannabis plant. Therefore, growers must compare and weigh the available options.  

There are several cannabis strains with great growing attributes, and among them, Strawberry Kush can be found. Strawberry Kush has remained a favorite strain in the cannabis industry with its mind-blowing qualities. The strain is highly sativa dominant (80%) with a THC level between 18-30%, making it a potent strain. Initially, this strain was only available as a clone option, but recently, it's been worked into a seed option.

And of course, this excellent cannabis hybrid possesses excellent genetic qualities suitable for easy cultivation. As a grower, regardless of experience level, here are five reasons why you should consider adding the Strawberry Kush to your garden.

  • Grown Indoor and in Small Spaces

Growers with limited experience and space should consider starting their cannabis cultivation with this strain because the Strawberry Kush plant is very compact. Also, it's easy to maintain. It can grow branchy when grown outdoor. However, it's best grown indoor as it produces bountiful yields than outdoor. The plant has a very short stature and hardly grows bushy when grown behind closed doors; therefore, allowing the grower to plant more even with limited space.

  • Highly Pest Resistant

Pests are enemies to all plant growth, including cannabis plants. Although there are various measures to prevent pest infestation on your plants, it's best for growers with limited time to opt for a pest-resistant cannabis strain like the Strawberry Kush. The Strawberry Kush is highly pest resistant that reduces pest infestation chances to the minimum, saving growers the stress of pest management and prevention.

  • Easy to Grow For Novice

Strawberry Kush not only produces bountiful yields but is extremely easy to grow for anyone. Even experienced growers who found this hybrid find it impossible to stop growing it. Every grower dreams of cultivating cannabis like the Strawberry Kush because it reduces substantial effort and expenses on the grower's part.

  • Fast Growing

Cultivating cannabis with a short flowering period will see you harvest buds in a short while. And this is one paramount quality every grower looks out for. The Strawberry Kush takes just 8-9weeks to be harvested. However, its fast growth doesn't affect the impressive effects it blesses the body and mind with.

  • Produces Bountiful Yields

Many perceive a marijuana plant's ability to produce surplus buds as the greatest among its other qualities. Hence, cannabis with bountiful buds seems the most sought after by growers. The Sativa dominant Strawberry Kush is an example of a marijuana strain that births more yields. It thrives better indoor, producing flowers around 500g per plant. When grown outdoors, it produces less.     

The strawberry Kush is an exceptional cannabis strain every grower; especially, the newbies should always have readily available at hand. Shop our great marijuana seeds now, or contact us for more information: 760-313-7455.

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