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Strongest Weed Strain

Strongest Weed Strain

If you’re planning to start a marijuana garden this year, you may be looking for the strongest weed strain for recreational or medicinal use. Homegrown Cannabis Co is home to numerous cannabis strains with THC content as high as 30%- some even higher. You’ll find dozens of high THC seeds to choose from in our seed bank:

  • Amnesia Lemon Feminized
  • Critical x Amnesia Feminized
  • Blueberry Autoflower
  • Blueberry x Jack Herer Autoflower
  • Afghan Kush Feminized
  • Grandaddy Purple Feminized
  • Do-si-Dos Feminized
  • Shishkaberry Kush Feminized
  • OG Kush Autoflower
  • Star Killer Feminized
  • And many others!

Are High THC Strains Just For Recreational Use?

Many of our customers at Homegrown Cannabis Co choose our high THC seeds for medicinal purposes, such as treating anxiety or stress, addressing pain, and relieving depression. The main benefit of growing a high THC strain is that you don’t need to smoke or consume as much to get high or start feeling the effects, so your product will last a lot longer compared with a lesser THC content strain. Use just a little or indulge for an intense psychedelic high. Our high THC strains offer significant pain alleviation, and are an excellent alternative to taking prescription meds.

What is the #1 Strongest Weed Strain?

At Homegrown Cannabis Co, we are proud to carry seeds for what is arguably one of the top three THC content strains in the world: Strawberry Banana Feminized, reported to contain nearly 32% THC. For such a reliably potent strain, Strawberry Banana Feminized seeds are remarkable easy to grow- they’re listed among our Beginner Seeds due to their easy germination and growing properties. If you’re new to cannabis gardening or worry that you’ll invest money in seeds only to find that they won’t germinate, you’ll be happy to learn that every seed you buy from our seed bank is guaranteed to germinate.

Do I Need the Strongest Weed Strain?

Most home growers are content with growing cannabis strains that fall within the 15-20% THC content range, but for the select few who dare to grow the best, our inventory is stocked with many options, depending on your taste. Choose from cheese strains, citrus strains, skunk strains, feminized seeds, autoflower strains, fast-growing strains, Killer strains, and many others. We invite you to click the Highest THC Strains link and see what we have in stock. We’re confident you won’t find a better selection at any other seed bank.

Choose Us For High CBD Strains, Too!

If you savor the medicinal effects of cannabis more than you do the high, consider growing one or two plants to substitute for taking OTC meds and prescription drugs. Patients have been using marijuana to treat medical conditions for longer than history has recorded their efforts- and patients today are still benefiting from the CBD compounds found in cannabis. We are pleased to carry many popular CBD strains in our inventory, many of which are autoflowering and very easy for first-time gardeners to grow successfully. Browse our seed bank online and order from us with confidence.

Strongest Weed Strain

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