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Weed Seeds Online

Weed Seeds Online

For the dankest weed seeds online, Homegrown Cannabis Co. is the place to go. Here, we sell a nice variety of premium cannabis seeds from the world's most potent cannabis strains. We may not have the largest selection of weed seeds in the world, but you'd be hard-pressed to find a seed bank with a higher quality of selection! This is because we pride ourselves on top quality at Homegrown Cannabis Co., and our customers are individuals who also want to grow the best cannabis.

Indulge yourself in the finest cannabis seed selection this side of Amsterdam! Whether you prefer to grow Indicas, Sativas, or an even hybrid, we have seeds in stock. The Homegrown Cannabis Co. also carries high CBD seeds. We have seeds that are great for indoors and outdoors. Shop now!

Choosing Between Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid Seeds

If you are new to growing weed, then you might be shocked to realize that there are large differences between these strain types. Most commonly, weed seed buyers are explained the differences in terms of how they grow. For example, Indicas tend to be shorter, stouter, bushier, and have more compact buds, while Sativas are taller, spindlier, and have fluffier buds. Hybrids, depending on the ratio of Indica vs. Sativa, can display more or less of the traits of either.

However, while these differences are important and play a vital role in determining just how the growing conditions for the seeds will be adjusted, there are also big differences in the psychoactive effects that Indicas and Sativas induce. For example, Indicas tend to produce a morphine-like, full-body high, while Sativas tend to induce a sharper head high that is more energetic in nature. Take your time to carefully select the kinds of weed seeds that are conducive to your buzz goals.

Get All of the Details Before You Purchase

One of the things that our customers love about Homegrown Cannabis Co. is that they can see all of the genetics, growing, and other pertinent details regarding all of the strain seeds that we sell. We're talking about information such as lighting requirements, yield averages, flowering times, lineage, and much, much more!

Why You Should Buy Your Weed Seeds Online

It just makes sense to purchase your cannabis seeds online. For most people in North America, that is their best option, and for many, it is their only option. Buying seeds online makes shopping as easy as possible because you can find the strain seeds you love from any location and on any device. Shop at your convenience and have your seeds delivered to any address you'd like.

Is it Legal to Buy Seeds Online?

All of our seeds are delivered discreetly, and no one will know what is inside your package unless you tell someone. We do this to protect our customers' privacy, but it is up to you to know the law of your land. Homegrown Cannabis Co. is no liable for legal troubles, should you break the law by ordering cannabis seeds. But we will deliver them to you. The rest is up to you.

Weed Seeds Online

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