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Weed Strains

Weed Strains

Today, feminized and auto-flowering varieties are the trend among cannabis growers. Most wish to obtain their buds without significant loss of time or effort. However, the cultivation of regular weed strains in a traditional way offers several unique possibilities. It is essential to know the characteristics of this type of beans and the advantages that will bring you to cultivate them.

What Are Regular Weed Strains?

Regular strains indiscriminately produce male or female plants, with a 50%-50% probability. These seeds offer the grower the experience of growing weed traditionally. When you sow them, all the plants are equal in their growth period, and you must wait until the flowering stage approaches to determine the sex of the plant.

After defining the sex of each of your shrubs, you must separate the male plants and concentrate only on the females, which are the ones that will produce the buds. This separation is essential because if a male plant remains in the growing area, it will release pollen and encourage the hermaphroditism of the female plants, compromising the harvest.

What Are The Advantages of Regular Strains?

Stronger Plants

One of the great benefits of traditional cultivation is that the female plant from a regular seed is much more vigorous. Besides, they are less prone to hermaphroditism and contracting pests and diseases. They are also more resistant to suffer from stress and to the attack of the elements.


Cultivating regular seeds opens up a range of possibilities concerning genetics. The wide variety of phenotypes (external characteristics of the strain) makes them the preferred choice of expert growers. It also allows you to create your own marijuana strains by crossing between different varieties. You will have in your sowing a universe of vegetative behaviors, flavors, aromas, and effects that will allow you to enjoy to the maximum your growing experience.

Old School Variety

Many of the traditional strains do not reach the feminized or autoflowering market. If you want to enjoy delicious buds from classic weed, only regular seeds will provide it. There are many pre-90's jewels with incredible characteristics that you will enjoy growing regular seeds in your crops.

Higher Productivity

Traditional cultivation usually takes longer than feminized or auto-flowering options. However, this waiting significantly rewards the grower. Regular strains produce the most buds per plant, allowing you to save and enjoy your weed all year round.

How to Grow Regular Strains?

Suppose you have little experience in the culture of the cannabis, but you want to venture into the universe of traditional growth. In that case, the wisest thing is to count on a premium supplier like Homegrown Cannabis Co. A prestigious dealer will not only offer you a vast selection of traditional strains to cultivate, but you will count on the experience, advice, and guide of their specialized staff. This will allow you to learn and clarify your doubts about obtaining a successful sowing and a good harvest.

Besides, top-line seed banks like Homegrown Cannabis Co. strive to offer their distinguished clientele the best genetics and quality in regular seeds, allowing you to get the most out of your pot culture. If you want to live this extraordinary experience, you can count on us. We are the reference seed bank in the industry, and we are ready to provide you with the best seeds in the market, with competitive prices, and with the best genetics. Register and live the great experience of traditional cultivation.

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