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What Are Feminized Seeds

What Are Feminized Seeds

Seasoned cannabis smokers know that the female variants of the cannabis plant produce the best quality flowers. What are feminized seeds? With feminized seeds, only female plants grow from the cannabis seeds. At HomegrownCannabis Co, we sell feminized seeds from a variety of strains and breeders.

What type of seeds do you sell?

In addition to feminized seeds, we also sell other types of great quality seeds from various strains and breeders. Some of the seeds we sell include Afghan seeds, autoflowering seeds, critical seeds, Bubblegum, Big Bud, Buddha Seeds, and Budget marijuana seeds. We also sell seeds by THC or CBD content, so if you’re looking for seeds with high CBD or THC content, check out our website.

Some of the other strains we sell include cheese strains, Haze, Diesel, Cup-winning strains, white, widow, purple, red, Kush and Jack Herrer strains. If you need single marijuana seeds, we sell them too. Our shop also sells regular and high yield seeds.

What are feminized seeds?

In traditional pollination and breeding techniques that grow cannabis plants naturally, the seeds they produce can be either male or female. This is what growers refer to as regular seeds. However, if you grow cannabis plants from feminized seeds, you will only get female plants so that the flowers will be rich in cannabinoids.

If you grow cannabis plants from a batch of regular seeds, you will usually end up with an even number of male and female plants. For a lot of growers, male plants are undesirable because they compete for resources with female plants, and hence reduce the amount of quality flowers.

Also, for some strains, you won’t find out the sex of the plant until they start flowering, which is not helpful. As a result, growing from regular seeds is a highly inefficient use of time and resources. So, breeders tend to favor using feminized seeds to ensure only female plants in their batch.

Methods of producing feminized seeds

Growers use several methods to manipulate cannabis plants to produce feminized seeds. A simple natural technique to make feminized seeds is to disturb the absorption of light in a female plant during the flowering stage. A better and more common method is to apply a silver thiosulfate or colloidal silver solution to a female plant.

The colloidal silver solution is just a mixture of water and minuscule particles of silver. The solution acts by preventing the production of a key hormone during flowering, called ethylene.

Spraying the silver solution onto female plants cause them to produce male flowers. As these flowers grow on a female plant, they only carry female genes. We then cross-pollinate these female plants with ‘male’ flowers and other female plants, resulting in feminized seeds.

We all know that female sativa plants produce the best flowers, and you can grow them using feminized seeds. What are feminized seeds? These seeds which you can buy from our HomegrownCannabis Co website, ensure that you end up with only female plants.

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