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What Is Cbd

What Is Cbd

The care you give your cannabis seeds will determine how your plants grow, and the final results of your harvest once you have received your ordered seeds. How do you store those seeds properly? It's not hard. There are a few things you can do to preserve your precious seeds. Continue reading to learn more.

Rules For Storing Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis seeds are living organisms, and when in contact with light and moisture, then the nutrients in the seed that trigger germination will be released. You have to keep the seeds in the dark, cool, and moisture-free place to prevent unused cannabis seeds from getting damaged or germinating. When storing cannabis seeds, fluctuations in temperature and air humidity should be avoided. 

How To Store Cannabis Seeds

You need to know how to store your seeds if you plan to grow cannabis, whether for fun or to make a profit. If you don't store the seeds correctly, they will not germinate when you do get around to planting them. The guide below will help you store your cannabis seeds safely.

Use the Right Container

The first thing to consider when storing cannabis seeds is your container. The ideal container to store your seeds should be made of one material. For example, you can use a glass container with a plastic cover or a plastic container with a metal lid. Using containers made from two or more material can react differently to temperature. If you want the cannabis seeds to last long, don't store them in a plastic container. Glass is a better solution. 

  1. Label the Containers

Label the container not only by species but also by the year the seeds were produced. A label is essential if you're storing more than one strain of cannabis seeds. Otherwise, you may forget which strain they are if you store the seeds for years.

  1. Keep Light Out

Exposing your seed to light could make them sprout, so you need to keep light out. Try to use an opaque container. But if the glass jars you are using aren't opaque, you can place your cannabis seeds in a wrap, or black plastic, and then put that in the glass jar.

  1. Maintain Constant Temperature 

A stable temperature is another thing to consider when storing cannabis seeds. Try to maintain around 40° Fahrenheit when storing the seeds. Many people achieve this by keeping their cannabis seeds in a freezer or fridge to keep the temperature constant. The fluctuating temperature may cause your cannabis seeds to deteriorate.

  1. Keep Moisture Out

Keeping your seeds dry is very important. Exposing your cannabis seeds to too much moisture could cause the seed to rot while in storage. Ensure you keep moisture levels low if you want to achieve the best results. You can achieve this using an airtight sealed container. 

Storage is essential to prolong your seed. When properly stored, you can expect your seeds to remain viable for around five years. Have any questions regarding how to store cannabis seeds? or any other question such as "what is CBD?" Or "how can I get the best CBD" feel free to contact Homegrown Cannabis Co. We are always happy to help!






What Is Cbd

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