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What Is Thc

What Is Thc

What is THC? It is the compound that induces numerous medical benefits in Cannabis. Secure your own supply with Homegrown Cannabis CO.

What is THC?

THC is a compound found in Cannabis products. There are numerous proven medical benefits provided from consumption.

Whether you have anxiety, depression, a dangerously low appetite, or suffer from life-altering pain, THC can help. It also induces a sense of euphoria and greatly reduces stress to leave you feeling relaxed and ready to tackle another day.

How much THC is in marijuana?

The amount of THC varies by strain. Higher THC content often correlates to a classification as medical marijuana as the compound is regulated as a Schedule I drug.

Kush strains typically contain 16 to 18 percent THC. Higher grade variants such as Hawaiian are comprised of up to 23 percent THC.

Does high THC matter?

The more there is in your weed, the more of an effect you typically feel. This compound helps reduce pain and acts as an appetite stimulant which means larger amounts of the compound, effects that increase with greater strength strains.

For many, the content does not matter. Kush is a great way for recreational users to relax before bed and release the stress of the day.

Which strains have the highest THC content?

Our catalog suites everyone. Those looking for pain relief benefit from our more potent strains such as Hawaiian and God Bud.

With hundreds of seed variants to choose from, there is not end to the types of relief you can obtain. Choose from high THC strains targeting pain to those with other compounds that can even help with arthritis and migraines.

How do I secure my supply of marijuana?

In times when dispensaries may be closed or working on limited hours, you still want to have a steady stream of product. Dispensaries and grow stores are not always considered essential services.

Homegrown Cannabis CO is open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. We ship seeds to you so you can remain in the comfort and safety of your own home.

Is buying seeds online legal?

THC is a regulated substance but is not present in seeds. Plants produce the compound as they grow and flower.

This means that our seeds are not regulated by the federal government. If you can grow marijuana plants, you have access to a steady stream of THC.

Purchasing seeds online

THC is a compound with numerous medical and recreational benefits. Growing your own ensures that you are never without this natural alternative to addicting drugs and alcohol.

Homegrown Cannabis CO, based Kyle Kushman’s decades of innovation and growing experience, provides quality seeds to you without the need to leave your home. We want you to obtain the relief you need with hundreds of constantly available cheap seeds for beginner, amateur, and professional growers alike.

Visit our website today and browse through our extensive catalog of strains from low to high THC content.


What Is Thc

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