Disco Bizkit Feminized Cannabis Seeds
From $82.00 to $230.00
Disco Bizkit Feminized Cannabis Seeds
Disco Bizkit Feminized Cannabis Seeds
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  • Hybrid
  • Sweet caramel
  • 400 to 500 g/m2
  • High THC
  • Sweet caramel
  • 400 to 500 g/m2
Cultivar description
The Californian super cultivars Girl Scout Cookies and Do-Si-Dos have a reputation that stretches far beyond the West Coast. While one is Indica-leaning and the other inclines more towards the Sativa side, they are both calming buds ideal for nighttime use. Together, their sought-after ge-netics created Disco Bizkit, a superb hybrid with up to 2

Disco Bizkit Feminized Cannabis Seeds

From $82.00 to $230.00
Groovy baby, groovy
  • Hybrid
  • Sweet caramel
  • 400 to 500 g/m2
  • High THC
  • Sweet caramel
  • 400 to 500 g/m2
As low as $82.00
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Disco Bizkit Feminized Cannabis Seeds by Kyle Kushman

Disco Bizkit Feminized Cannabis Seeds
CULTIVAR PROFILE Disco Bizkit Feminized Cannabis Seeds
Lineage GSC x Do-Si-Dos
Type Hybrid
Yield Indoor 14 - 18 oz/m2
Yield Outdoor 28 oz/plant
THC 23%
CBD 0.6%
Height 79 - 94 inches
Flowering Time 8-10 Weeks
Flowering Style Photoperiod
Harvest Month October
Medical Anxiety Arthritis Depression Insomnia Migranes Stress
Effects Calming Euphoric Relaxed Sedative Sleepy
Flavor Creamy Earthy Sweet
Grows Greenhouse Indoor Outdoor
Climate Temperate/Continental Sunny/Mediterranean
Beginner Yes
With over 20 years of experience in the cannabis industry, we have the grow-how from the experts! We deliver high-quality, fast-germinating seeds with impeccable and stabilized genetics swiftly and discreetly worldwide at a competitive price.

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Cultivar description

The Californian super cultivars Girl Scout Cookies and Do-Si-Dos have a reputation that stretches far beyond the West Coast. While one is Indica-leaning and the other inclines more towards the Sativa side, they are both calming buds ideal for nighttime use. Together, their sought-after ge-netics created Disco Bizkit, a superb hybrid with up to 23% THC content.

Besides excellent parentage and potency, Disco Bizkit has a standout caramel aroma and taste. Its mouthwatering smoke delivers a euphoric high that melts in a slow release of tranquility, eas-ing users straight into relaxation. The cultivar is also said to possess a variety of health-giving prop-erties that have been used to treat stress, anxiety and pain.

For recreational users, Disco Bizkit brings an increased perception of surroundings and a more profound appreciation of music and film. While not quite the party plant its name suggests, it still delivers a brilliant experience for the senses. An intense feeling of drowsiness will ultimately kick in, ushering forth a deep sleep that even insomnia is unlikely to interrupt.

Even inexperienced gardeners can earn heavy harvests with Disco Bizkit. 99% of these Home-grown Cannabis Co. feminized seeds will sprout female plants. That means accidental pollina-tion, the ultimate sin in growing for consumption, is the last thing you have to worry about. The plants have a beginner-friendly growth pattern, making them perfect for growers of all skill lev-els.

Growing Disco Bizkit Feminized Seeds

Disco Bizkit is a medium-to-tall plant that doesn't get much taller than 3 feet indoors but can stretch to around 6.5 – 8 feet in open spaces. Come late flowering, it boasts close-packed colas of lovely lime green buds rife with frosty white trichomes. The cultivar's gleaming potency is visible even on its few resin-covered sugar leaves.

Despite being a balanced hybrid, Disco Bizkit displays Indica-leaning growth patterns. Its stem and branches are thick and robust, so growers can rest assured that limb-breakage is unlikely. While it does not need help carrying its hefty colas, the foliage may become crowded with broad fan leaves that require thinning out.

Prune during flowering to encourage better airflow, and this will also prevent moisture accumula-tion and the various concerns that come along with it. It will also improve light distribution, al-lowing lower flowering sites to get as much as possible. Growers who prefer not to snip off ines-sential leaves may do a bit of leaf-tucking.

Cold temperatures activate the anthocyanins in the plant. The process is called cold shock, and it forces the purple hue out of the leaves and flowers. Do this in a controlled setting two weeks be-fore harvest so as to not negatively affect the quality and size of the production. With Disco Bizkit, the color amendment tends to be more apparent on the foliage than the buds. The proce-dure does very little in boosting bag appeal, so it may not be worth the trouble. But if you fancy trying it, then why not give it a go?

Disco Bizkit is an enormous yielder as long as it's grown in a warm, dry location with plenty of sun. In a mild Mediterranean climate, it can produce up to 28 ounces per plant and it works par-ticularly well in the long summers of coastal California, Southern Italy and Spain.

Being naturally hardy, it can withstand less than ideal environments, but production is likely to be lower in quantity and quality. Harvest must be started by early October in the northern hemi-sphere to prevent inclement weather from adversely affecting the precious buds.

If paradisiacal outdoor conditions are not available, growers can still get around 1.31 to 1.63 ounces per square foot through indoor cultivation. Here are some tips and tricks that may help:

1. Regulate the humidity and temperature according to the growth stage the plant is in. Dur-ing the vegging period, the RH level should be around 45 to 55%, and the daylight tem-perature must be between 70 and 78°F. The 10-week-long flowering phase requires a drier and cooler environment, so lower to around 35 to 45% and 68 to 74°F. The nighttime temperature must be a few degrees cooler in both stages.

2. Pick a growing medium based on the results you hope to achieve. If you plan to extract the resin and create a concentrate, using soil creates more fragrant and flavorful buds. On the other hand, hydroponics allows for easier nutrition management, resulting in more vigorous growth and better yields.

3. Employing the Sea of Green (SOG) technique maximizes indoor spaces for bushy canna-bis cultivars like Disco Bizkit. It also promotes a quick turnaround while boosting bud pro-duction. Note that this method requires at least four plants to work.

Feminized seeds are the easiest option for growers cultivating for consumption. They ensure a male-free garden, so all available grow space is taken by bud-bearing plants. Using fems also eliminates the gender guessing game and the use of resources for male plants that will ultimately be discarded.

Fragrance and Flavor

Disco Bizkit's bouquet is a party for the olfactory and gustatory senses. Its resin smells invigorat-ingly sweet and tastes like caramel melting on the tongue. It tastes earthy, dank and musky, with a pinch of sugary sweetness.


With a THC level reaching up to 23%, Disco Bizkit may well be too much for beginners. Its in-tensity, speed and classic stoner traits are best reserved for seasoned tokers.

Almost immediately after the first hit, a feeling of euphoria will manifest, improving the mood and general demeanor. Relaxation swiftly follows, spreading calmness from head to toe, easing away stressors and worries just as any physical discomforts diminish.

As the high intensifies, another cerebral feature emerges, in which visual and auditory stimuli take on an impressive new magnitude. Almost all activities seem far more interesting, including mundanities such as lounging on the couch, doing laundry or cleaning. Even staring aimlessly through the window at passersby becomes amusing.

In small dosages and with enough will, moving around and doing non-strenuous tasks or chores is possible. Most of the time, though, the comfort of sinking into the soft cushions of a sofa or bed will be too much to refuse, especially once the body starts feeling heavy.

Ultimately, couch-locked or not, the relaxation will become incredibly profound. It will cause lethargy and drowsiness, which will pave the way for a good sleep. Because of its effects, this bud is definitely not to be used as a morning pick-me-up. It must also be enjoyed in moderation since overindulgence can cause lightheadedness, heightened anxiety and paranoia. Dry eyes and cottonmouth may be experienced even in small doses, so make sure you stay properly hydrated.

Feminized Disco Bizkit Seeds

Recreational and medical marijuana users with little or no weed cultivation experience can get their hands on a prolific yield of Disco Bizkit buds by using these feminized seeds from Home-grown Cannabis Co. These babies have beginner-friendly growth patterns and the added ad-vantage of sprouting female plants 99% of the time, so accidental pollination can be a thing of the past. Growers cultivating for consumption can use the females to grow buds straight away, or find ideal mother plants for cloning. Whichever route you take, you stand to achieve a massive turnout of profoundly relaxing buds for nighttime use.

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