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regular marijuana seeds

Regular Marijuana Seeds For Sale

Original, natural male or female cannabis seeds for sale online.

Regular Cannabis Seeds · Buy Marijuana Seeds Online

Homegrown Cannabis Co. offers high-quality regular weed seeds with pure and unaltered genetics. Just as nature intended them to be. If you're pheno hunting or looking to produce mothers from quality genetics check out Gorilla Glue, Lemon Pie, God Bud, Bruce Banner, Mochalope, Chocolope...we have them all in regular marijuana seeds form!

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  1. Mochalope Regular
    • THC Level: 23%
    • CBD Level: 0.7%
    • Plant Type: Mostly Indica
    Mochalope Regular
    Mocha-choca-lata ya ya
    per seed
  2. Gorilla Glue Regular
    • THC Level: 26%
    • CBD Level: 0.8%
    • Plant Type: Hybrid
    Gorilla Glue Regular
    The stickiest of sticky sensations.
    Gold By Blimburn
    per seed
  3. God Bud Regular
    • THC Level: 24%
    • CBD Level: 0.6%
    • Plant Type: Mostly Indica
    God Bud Regular
    Divine bag appeal and huge potential yields.
    per seed
  4. Lemon Pie Regular
    • THC Level: 18%
    • CBD Level: 0.3%
    • Plant Type: Mostly Sativa
    Lemon Pie Regular
    Lovely lemons with a skunky finish.
    per seed
  5. Amnesia Lemon Regular
    • THC Level: 21%
    • CBD Level: 0.3%
    • Plant Type: Mostly Sativa
    Amnesia Lemon Regular
    An unforgettable hit of lemon and Skunk.
    per seed
  6. Grandaddy Purple Regular
    • THC Level: 21%
    • CBD Level: 0.3%
    • Plant Type: Mostly Indica
    Grandaddy Purple Regular
    The Grandaddy of dank.
    Gold By Blimburn
    per seed
  7. Regular Cannabis Seeds · Buy Marijuana Seeds Online

    Homegrown Cannabis Co. offers high-quality regular weed seeds with pure and unaltered genetics. Just as nature intended them to be. If you're pheno hunting or looking to produce mothers from quality genetics check out Gorilla Glue, Lemon Pie, God Bud, Bruce Banner, Mochalope, Chocolope...we have them all in regular marijuana seeds form!

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What Are Regular Weed Seeds?


When a marijuana plant grows seed naturally, with no interference, they generate regular weed seeds which in turn have an equal chance of becoming a male cannabis plant or a female marijuana plant. Naturally, if your regular cannabis seeds grow into male marijuana plants then they will sprout pollen during the flowering stage and therefore will not flower buds whereas a female marijuana plant is capable of flowering and growing buds which can then be harvested.


Regular weed seeds occur naturally, meaning there has been no genetic modification or tampering to alter the reproduction process. 


With the introduction of feminized seeds in the 1990’s, regular cannabis seeds have become less popular in favour of weed seeds that are guaranteed to grow into female plants and produce buds. 


Homegrown Cannabis Co. strives to provide the best cannabis seeds, whether they are autoflowering cannabis seeds, feminized or regular weed seeds. You can also find a great variety of cheap weed seeds which get updated regularly so it’s best to check back regularly to find the best deals!


Feminized Seeds VS Regular: What’s The Difference?


As previously mentioned, the main difference is that when growing regular seeds, you have an equal chance growing male or female marijuana plants, whereas if you grow with feminized seeds you are guaranteed to grow female cannabis plants. However, the differences start with breeding, there are key differences between producing regular and female weed seeds.


Regular seeds are produced by breeding a male cannabis plant with a female marijuana plant. The female cannabis plant is fertilized by the pollen from a male marijuana plant which in turn allows the female plant to produce regular cannabis seeds. 


Feminized seeds, on the other hand, are produced by two female plants with no male cannabis plant involved in the process whatsoever. By using a chemical known as colloidal silver, cannabis growers figured out that they could stress the female marijuana plants out so much that they start to produce pollen. Then the pollen from one female cannabis plant fertilizes the second female plant resulting in feminized weed seeds.


If you are looking at harvesting your marijuana plants for their buds, buying any of the great selection of feminized marijuana seeds for sale from Homegrown Cannabis Co. will allow you to grow weed plants capable of flowering buds. With regular cannabis seeds, we do our best to increase your chances of growing female marijuana plants that can grow buds during the flowering stage but we cannot guarantee that all of your seeds will do so.

Male vs Female Cannabis: How To Tell The Difference?

With regular cannabis seeds, there is a 50% chance of growing a female marijuana plant and equally you have a 50% chance of growing a male cannabis plant. It is integral to the process of growing marijuana that you figure out whether your cannabis plant is female or male as soon as possible. There is an easy way of sexing cannabis plants which involves observing your cannabis plants throughout the early stages of their growth cycle and looking out for key signs that may tell you whether or not you have a female marijuana plant or a male cannabis plant. 


Check your plant’s nodes. Before your plants reach the flowering stage, you can check the nodes of your plants at the base of the stems and see what is developing. You may need to use a magnifying glass as it can be difficult to correctly identify what is happening. On a male cannabis plant, you will see small ball-shaped growths, these are pollen sacs which will be used later on to pollinate and fertilize a female weed plant. With female marijuana plants you will see small hair-like sprouts called stigma, which are used to catch pollen when fully grown.


If you choose to grow with regular weed seeds, it is crucial that you identify any male cannabis plants at the beginning of the growth cycle. This is for two reasons; it frees up space in your designated growing area and it also stops your male plants from pollinating female plants and ruining your yields.


If you still have questions about feminized seeds that you would like answered, check out our Feminized Cannabis Seeds: Questions and Answers blog post.


What Are The Advantages Of Buying Regular Cannabis Seeds?


Most growers opt for feminized marijuana seeds because they are guaranteed to grow buds. Now regular seeds can’t guarantee this, your chances of getting a female marijuana plant are equal to your chances of getting a male marijuana plant. 


That being said, male weed seeds are not completely useless. If you are looking to breed plants and produce your own regular marijuana seeds then having a male cannabis plant is essential. However, if you want to produce feminized weed seeds then this will require having two female plants.


It is still quite likely that regular weed seeds will grow into female plants capable of producing yields, Homegrown Cannabis Co. goes above and beyond to ensure that we provide the best marijuana seeds for sale. We still have a lot of great strains available as regular weed seeds, including some high THC seeds with varying levels of potency as well as some easy to grow marijuana strains suitable for beginners. 


What Are The Most Popular Regular Cannabis Seeds?


We have some legendary weed strains available as regular cannabis seeds. Remember, regular weed seeds came first, before autoflower seeds and feminized marijuana seeds, regular cannabis seeds are the original. Because of this, there are some great classic strains available in our store, many of which also have counterparts in the form of feminized cannabis strains and autoflower marijuana strains as well. 



  • Gorilla Glue #4 x Zkittles Regular: The most popular regular cannabis seeds for sale is this powerful sativa strain. This weed strain has a pungent odor that can fill up a room and a strong psychoactive effect to match. An intense cerebral wave hits the consumer before offering feelings of calm and relaxation. 




  • Bruce Banner Regular: This strain gets its name from the alter-ego of the classic superhero The Hulk. It has THC levels that can reach up to 29% making it one of the most potent regular cannabis seeds and also more than worthy of its namesake. Furthermore, this strain is suitable for beginners to grow and can produce some giant yields.




  • Hawaii x Purple Skunk Regular: A strong fruity, tropical taste combined with a mellow indica high make this the perfect strain to kick back, relax and chill out with. This is the perfect nighttime strain, and the heavy yields you can get from growing these regular cannabis seeds, you should have enough to last a while.




  • Gorilla Glue Regular: We’ve had one of its children on this list, now it’s time to talk about the original strain. Gorilla Glue is a marijuana strain that needs no introduction at this point but with one of the highest THC percentages of around 26%, this weed strain is difficult to ignore. Gorilla Glue is indica dominant strain can provide consumers with waves of euphoria and also a sedating effect. 




  • Grandaddy Purple Regular: This is one legendary indica strain. There is a reason this weed strain is called Grandaddy Purple and that is because it stands at the very top in the category of purple marijuana strains. From its beautiful deep plum coloring to its grape and berry flavors, this strain is popular for a reason. Grandaddy Purple Regular cannabis seeds can produce high yields for growers and potent feelings of relaxation for consumers.



Where to Buy Regular Seeds USA?

You can buy regular cannabis seeds from both walk-in stores and online shops. The latter gives customers a number of advantages - a greater access to a more diverse range of strains and seeds and also the convenience of being able to buy from your home being among the most beneficial. However, you also run the risk of purchasing low quality seeds, predominantly because there is no sure way of telling feminized cannabis seeds apart from those that are not. That is why choosing only reputable seed banks and sources is essential to buying top-quality weed seeds. Homegrown Cannabis Co. is a prime example of a trustworthy and reliable seedstore offering nothing but the highest quality cannabis seeds. Because these kernels are sourced from mother marijuana plants which possess stable genetics and the best traits, the offspring are guaranteed to have superior genetics to help produce the best yields in terms of quality and quantity from regular marijuana seeds. When you buy packs of regular weed seeds you do run the risk of getting some, not all, which will grow into male marijuana plants. Given that Homegrown Cannabis Co. strives to provide its customers with the best products and buying experience, we work tirelessly with breeders and growers to minimize the possibility of this happening.


While our range of regular weed seeds is not as big as our massive variety of feminized cannabis seeds and autoflower seeds, we realize that some growers prefer to grow this variety of seed. With that in mind, we still provide top quality regular marijuana strains, whether you are looking for sativa, indica or a hybrid - we have a good mix of classic strains and newer weed strains available as regular cannabis seeds. 

See for yourself what our customers think, check out thousands of Homegrown reviews.


When buying marijuana seeds online, you'll just need a US address and access to any one of our numerous payment methods. Homegrown Cannabis Co. has the best cannabis seeds available for sale online, we have hundreds of different strains to choose from available in our store, with fast shipping to anywhere in the USA - you can start growing your own marijuana today!


Don't forget, you can also purchase bulk orders from us using the wholesale enquiry form on your autoflower cannabis seeds - we can provide up to 50,000 seeds of any strain from available stock for commercial purposes. Alternatively, if you are a homegrower or variety seeking strains we offer 4 Packs, 8 Packs, 12 Packs and 25 Packs of all of our marijuana strains. 


We also offer a great selection of weed seeds mixes which include a variety of strains in 9 packs, 15 packs, 30 packs and 45 packs  Feel free to revisit us as often as you’d like to see what we have in stock that is fresh and new or just to add more marijuana seeds to your collection.


Make sure to do adequate research on your strain of choice and ensure that the expected height and other growing requirements of specific marijuana strains are something you’re going to be prepared for in advance.  Learn more about growing cannabis with industry legend Kyle Kushman, Homegrown Cannabis Co. is dedicated to not only providing the best quality cannabis seeds but also ensuring your whole growing experience is as stress-free as possible.


If you can’t find the answers to your questions on our website, please reach out to our team on +1 (760) 313-7455 or by using the ticket submission section in the bottom right of your screen.  If you have grow related questions then get the answers you need by visiting and engaging with our growing community.


Homegrown Cannabis Co. is America’s premium seed bank and we would like to thank you for checking out and, we hope, buying from our range of seeds, we hope you like our products as much as we do.

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